Wolfkrone tearing it up at NEC!

Excellent stuff.

Hopefully the Viper community can now say we have someone repping Viper without the arrogance and ego! Flash who?

Very nice, Wolfkrone.

Loved every minute of it. Keep it up!


lol those ex seismos catch everyone off guard, i like the fresh style of play though, burn kicks all over the screen and knows how to feint in the right situations.

Yo wolfkrone y u so gdlk?

this is not new, we always knew krone was top
he’s true viper specialist.

The fact that he does all that on a pad (with the analog stick, no less) just blows my mind. Does he use a Dual Shock 3 or what?

Wolfkrone is gdlk!!!

Congrats Wolfkrone!!! It’s awesome to see Viper place so high at a major.

Yes, dual shock 3, but analog stick? wow, i didnt really pay attention when i was there.:amazed:

Wolfkrone staying true to his pad. I heard a rumor he was switching to stick but when it comes to the crunch best to use what works. I dont really see anything much different about him from other Vipers except he just makes really good decisions and places his attacks in the right place. You could really see how smart he played when he was playing against Arturo’s Rose and that match is notoriously bad for Viper since Rose fundamentally is a better version of Viper and can escape BK and seismo mix ups easily. He would condition Arturo with regular jumps ins to keep him from trying to slide out then start throwing the BK’s in later when he got him afraid of the j.HK safe jumps. Taking out PR Rog’s Rog was hype too seeing that matchup can just go to shit really quickly if u dont play it perfect. Really good use of LP TK’s and BK’s in that match. Good stuff overall.

the fact that Justin switched to Cammy, considering his Rufus has dominated Vipers for so long was incredible. The wins against Arturo, Marn, and PR Rog were hype as hell.

reason why he owns rogs so much is because he plays antwan ortiz’s rog back then so he is very good with that rog match up

good shit wolfkrone, well played sir :karate:

I think he is different though…
Viper with execution doesnt mean too much, too many vipers going on autopilot.
Krone, he is really defensive, so good at AA and footsies
makes smart reads, good reactions/predictions like you said and adjusts to the situation well.

So much this. His defense was impregnable and his reactions were so sick he knew when it was safe to let that ex seismo fly. He didn’t let the pressure get to him, his tech rate was ridiculously high, and he was able to apply sick pressure.

I openly admit to being a shitty Viper wannabe, so don’t take the following the wrong way: The only thing I noticed were a few missed ultra opportunities where he would land a point blank seismo and do a burn kick instead of ultra. I would’ve liked to see more meterless fadc into ultra as well and maximizing punishes with fff ex seismo instead of just f ex seismo.

Wolfkrone is a beast.

I like this quote from some time ago.


flash who?



He said he was working on getting his Viper on stick, but I think right now he proved he can hang with a pad. Stick gives you better execution, but if you stick with your pad long enough there’s nothing that you can’t do.

Great inspiration to pad players everywhere. :slight_smile: Also inspiring to me to try and get even better at the game.