Wolfkrone's Cross-Platform PS3 Controller?

I wasn’t entirely sure where to ask or post this, so apologies if it’s in the wrong area.

Do you know how Wolfkrone is able to use his PS3 controller on 360? I’ve found that there are certain adapters available, namely the XCM Cross Fire Converter, but I’ve been told that particular adapter is out of date and there is a new one that doesn’t require your controller to be wired. I think, although not sure, that this is the same method Wolfkrone uses. If anybody can correct me or tell me exactly how Wolfkrone uses his controller on 360 it would be much appreciated.

Also, I know a lot of people may even suggest something like “Just buy a stick”, I have, and I’m learning atm but still suck, and there are 360 exclusive tournaments that I am missing out on. I’m sure I’m not the only PS3 pad player who has this same problem.

Thanks for all help offered.

There’s this thread.

Which talks about a converter which doesn’t need a wired 360 controller to be used.

Some modders sell dual-modded 360 pads, but I’m not sure about shipping to England.

Wolfkrone actually uses the inpin / xconverter360plus converters sold at etokki.com. I talked to him briefly about it last time he was in Cleveland.

He doesn’t use a PS3 controller, but a dualshock PS2 or PS1 controller.

i would suggest if you really wanted something like this is consulting gummowned, resident modding wizard. im not sure what 360 pads would have enough room but his smd dualstrike but its pretty small and can fit inside many controllers. that would add xbox1 ps3 and pc support to the exisiting controller, if i am not mistaken.