Wolf's dump... er, den

finally decided to gather some recent sketches and put in my own personal thread. comments and crits welcome.



d&d midnight bliss







re-imagined peter pan and lost boys

Diggin those. Remy stands out to me. I always loved that character.

veru cute artwork. im afraid of how they’d look if you added color to them using a digital painting software. they look fine just as they are with no color. the one with billy kane is good enough for some color.
its looks cute, i love it. try to scan those shits in, and darken the outlines with the pen tool before you decide to color those if you are thinking about doing so.

yeah, i was actually plannin on coloring the outlaw team eventually. that’s why it’s more cleaned up than the other ones. everything else is straight from the sketchbook, which i scanned last night. the lost boys one was just something i did on lined paper in a summer school class and that may be as far as i go with it. i’ll probably add color to some of the other ones later once my digital pen stops acting up >>

here’s old stuff from high school, all shot with a digi cam… with which i suck donkey nuts so they’re all somewhat blurry:










Man you really do suck at that camera thing. lol. I promise to help take better ones next time your in town :wink:

I dunno but but the second picture of the second set is pretty dope.
love that Remy too.


hmmm… something’s still bugging me…
any suggestions?

i think getting rid of the extra line that connects the left eye(his left) to the nose would help a little. or at least make it less distinct.

thanks, everyone, for the comments.

Tokoyama: you’re right. i’ll have to lighten the line. it’s a little dark. i’ll prbly also fix the nose cuz it kinda looks big towards the top. and i’ll have to do something about the background. that’s what’s been buggin me the most.

more batman fun.


How bout’ a frontal view? hmmm?


pumped out within the last night.


been takin extra care with this one. finished the characters, for the most part, and have an idea as to what to do with the background. just wanted to get some opinions on it so far. crits and comments welcome.

looks pretty cool, especially that light in the far right corner


felt like takin a crack at Andy. you never really see any fan love for him -shrugs-

Le kick ass! :smiley: More foo!

lol. forgot to mention i’ve got a da account now. so check it out. you’ll see most of the same stuff you’ve seen here, and some extra goofiness. let me know what you guys think.

thanks again to everyone who’s left comments. greatly appreciated.

nice. checkin’ out the DA stuff now. oh, and i never mentioned it before for some reason but I love the chest area on the guy in the first pic you posted. It reminds me of something but I can’t place it. anyway, good stuff!


and we’re back. worked on this one off and on the past few nights. lol i screwed up the line work in the beginning so i had to adjust and reshape the face a lot. and halfway through i realized i wanted a more naruto-like expression so the mouth got reshaped as well. so the end result still looks slightly funny, but i’m still happy with the outcome.
c&c welcome.

haha cool he does have that Naruto mouth! Great art, I like the back round a lot. The cloud effect is nifty. Sorry no helpful criticism :sweat:

lol. np. thanks for the input. ^^

The last one and the monkey kind one are my fave