Wolverine 2 update

I hated the first movie, but even I’m excited to hear about this news:

link here.

The Miller/Claremont series was my first introduction to Wolverine and is what got me started on reading X-Men when I was just a 10-year old kid. If they do use this, I hope they can avoid all the major mistakes they made in the first movie and just stick to the damn story.

Since this is a Miller story, I can only assume he’s going to want some kind of creative control. I don’t need the film style (300) but I just want the complete story to be told faithfully.

i lost hope after seeing wolverine origins. it looked like it was going to be dark and different. it was just like the rest of the other xmen movies. i was actually surprised that with different directors, the last one still felt like part of the other X movies.

im waiting 100 years for a reboot. Or just until they decide to go with an R rated wolverine film that doesnt feel like the other two kid flicks.

with an orgins movie and that shitty anime coming out wolverine is dead to me in any incarnation that isnt a cartoon(non-anime) or comic