Wolverine 2009 Comic-Con Camera Footage

Can’t youtube it cuz it will get taken down asap so here’s 2 links (~6MB .mp4)


Woot thanks.

Im for the most part excited. Theres a guy who actually looks like Sabertooth. Ive been watching the TAS from the 90s (pm I think I found a link to youtube with all the episodes.) So its disappointing we probably wont see them in any kind of re-done costume and what we see is what we’ll get. But im hyped.

May is so far away

Trailer looks like it was assembled by a committee of fanboys.


it’s the past so maybe they are trying to show wade before he got all deformed.

but then if it is the past why is gambit there? Someone fucked up somewhere.


Doubt it. The movie universe isn’t any more obligated to conform to the continuity of the comics than any other alternate storytelling universe (Ultimate, All Star, or whatever). Treat film adaptations of long-running comics properties as their own versions of the stories, rather than as strict translations from one medium to another.