Wolverine and the X-Men Thread (now airing in Canada and South America)

The show is now airing in both those areas. I found the first ep. in English and gonna watch it 2morrow.


(getting it now)

i wonder when itll come out here…

Just watched the first episode on Youtube

Wolverine and the Xmen

[details=Spoiler] Thought it was pretty good so far. Steven Blum as wolverine was perfect and i actually liked Beast in this. The cameo appearances of some of the New Xmen characters like Rockslide and Dust was nice especially seeing Dust using her powers. Hopefully the show can stay on point after this.
It kinda felt like this show was sort of a sequel to Xmen Evolution but it wasn’t.[/details]

links to episodes please

edit: never mind

edit: damn, it still sucks to be black

11:52…Feral? Never mind…they just really messed up on Wolfsbane’s design. Damn…the credits for the spanish dub don’t even give the va’s ANY credit. All they show are the same english vas. That’s sad.


I wanna see it soooo badly
when I saw the commercial and saw my baby Gambit I got soooo hyped !

The animation looks top notch and I can’t wait to hear Steve Blum’s sexy ass voice again.

Remy ain’t in this ep, petit chere.

Watching it right now. Intro is pretty dope. So far the character designs shit all over X-Men Evolution. And yeah, Steve Blum voiced Wolverine in the X-Men Legends games(and Marvel Ultimate Alliance).

I don’t think so. Anatomy’s fuxxored. I hate how cartoons these days that look serious try to soften themselves and go the kiddie route by making male characters have big upper bodies, and thighs like pre-teen girls, or legs that are too short. This one goes the scrawny thighs route…like a LOT of cartoons these days, for some reason. XME at least had better anatomy. If only we could have XME art, while keeping this new series’ storyline. I hope this series has scenes that can rival or even top the time on XME when X23 was pwning the entire team on their own turf.

Wow. Logan’s arms are huge.

Meh It’s okay so far.

Reminds me of a certain thread.

Show is pretty good so far. I doubt it will top Spectacular Spider-Man, but it’s up there. Could it be that Marvel is actually paying attention to shit now? Shocking.

EDIT - Oh wow, they included Dust. Too bad she won’t be on the team. =/

Don’t expect to see DeadPool in this series though…or so I read somewhere.

Good premiere.



for some reason Wolverine punching that dude in the face was fucking hilarious.

I like Beast, sorta reminds me of the version from the 90s cartoon. And I saw Boyd Kirkland’s name in the credits as a director or something- he worked on some of the old Batman: The Animated Series episodes. Probably doesn’t mean much, but it’s always cool to see a familiar name like that.

So…about the dream/flashback…who do we know that would want to kidnap mutant psychics?

Watched it last night, it was pretty good. Shaping up to be like the 90s cartoon and not that new generation shit from a few years back.

It was okay. I will be watching the rest of it, but mainly for Emma.

It’s alright. Not bad. Seems pretty average so far. I’ll keep watching it.

Just watched it. Not so bad. Will be watching.

I watched it earlier in the afternoon. Wasn’t impressed, especially after the good job with Spectacular Spiderman.

I miss the Wolverine voice from the 90s cartoon. It fit perfect.

The new one reminded me of Solid Snake.

I will say there is some potential with the setup and serializing it.

And Logan’s arms indeed bigger than Hulk Hogan’s.