Wolverine anime thread (now with Wolverine actually being in it)



Also seems to be based off Frank Miller’s mini from the 80s.


fuckin nuts!
good look!

I hope it isnt being made here cuz to many people die, and Kid ends up stabin his bullies


It will bomb just like Iron Man did.

No one in Japan is going to watch it and Madhouse will have wasted even more money and be another step closer to bankruptcy.

The show might be much better than Iron Man though so Ill look at the first two episodes then go from there.


Ironman would have been great if it was all crazy action like the very FIRSTY trailer showed. Not that shitty boring ass and badly written cg crap that we got. I’d rather watch Heroman than that shit, atleast it got Stan in it.


Yea that first Ironman Trailer was god damn hype (and Pepper Pots was hot as hell in it to). The show ended up being the exact opposite of the trailer. So disappointing.


Instead of Pepper we get some silly moe reporter with a generic ass Japanese personality. I don’t even know if Tony shagged the little bitch because I stopped watching the show. It was sooo fucking uninspired. Niggas should just redo Spiderman and make it a high school/harem anime. They can’t possibly fuck that up.


Why the heck is Wolverine so thin?


its japan…that should explain all.


Umm Supernatural is airing in Japan this month IIRC.


looked interesting(but I remember thinking the Iron Man trailer being $icker!).


damnit, emo wolverine WHY!!


Maybe they like Daken?


guess now his outter appearance matches the inner one.


That Wolverine looks kinda like Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes. :rofl:

I’m interested. Looks good enough to me as long as the plot doesn’t suck.