Wolverine (bone) glitch found?

I was playing around with wolverine (bone) and was fighting an average height character (forget which one) and performed the >,v,> +PP super on him. Wolv’s claws came out, he rushed forward, and it connected on the far right edge of the screen. around half way through the move I did the same super motion and Wolv immediately put his arms together, whipped out the claws, and connected again with the same super!!! I haven’t been able to duplicate this effect but I’m working on it. Is this an old glitch or something totally new??? If it’s old please excuse the noobishness. If it’s new, I want full credit! :lol:

EDIT: I think I was fighting against Captain Commando. My team was bone wolvie, blackheart, and sabertooth.

I think I know of the glitch you’re talking about, if we’re talking about the same one, it can only be done with your opponent in the corner.

It’s really hard to do on most characters except Storm and Roll. If you can somehow make the planets align and make pigs fly, you can do Weapon X 2 times into a DHC and kill her in one combo.