Wolverine by Jason Pearson, colors by me

I don’t know about some of you guys, but I’m a big fan of a comic book artist named Jason Pearson. He does stuff from time to time for Marvel but usually only special project issues, but he’s mostly know for his uber-violent illustrations in the Dark Horse comic called Body Bags.

A few days ago I stumbled on a comic book site that has a bunch of his B&W illustrations, this is one of them.

Fucking awesome, isn’t it? Like Wolverine or not, this is a pretty sweet piece of art. I dusted off the Photoshop for a quick coloring, and I think it turned out pretty nice. Now I just need to figure out a background and some color enhancements.

Whatcha’ think?

I think it’s fucken sweet. No jokes.

Very early 90’s. I fucking LOVE it. It’s goofy, but awesome, reminding me sorta like the MAXX

haha Or Pitt

Image was incredible

awesome work man, would you consider coloring other black and white images? my favourite art site has Jason Pearson stuff as well, check it out :slight_smile:

Like that B&W Punisher and Deadpool pic? Yeah, I’ll see what I can do. Doesn’t look too difficult.

Nice colors! That’s a great skill imo. Would like to learn that one of these days. A tablet isn’t necessary amirite?

No, a tablet is not necessary but I used one because trying to use a mouse on some of those areas would be really difficult. And anyone with Photoshop can do this. There’s nothing special about what I’ve done (no filters or layer/effect combinations), I just thought it turned out really well in color.

Thanks for the compliments.

that’s tight. I’ve always been a fan of that //olvie costume color!