Wolverine DHC Glitch Starter

My team consists of Wolv/Dante/Sent and I was wondering if Wolverine is a capable starter of the DHC glitch, and If so, how?

I figure Dante would come in with Devil Trigger but I’m not sure if any of wolv hypers would be able to start it.

you need a cinematic lvl 1 so no

What about berserker charge?

it’s DHC glitch to cancel TO, not FROM.

Dante can start it however with his Grapple > Devil Trigger into Wolvie’s Berserker Charge OR Hyper Sentinel Force… so you may want to consider either considering air exchanges, or fiddling with your team order a bit.

Dante can start the glitch from 4 moves that can end his BnB combo going for more than 500K+ and building 2 bars (or more)
Revolver~crazy dance
Reverb shock~dance
Jet stream~dance
Hysteric~grapple(best one)

No point learning dhc glitches if its taken out in the next one

Really? If the DHC glitch takes you 3 months to learn, you really need to work on your execution. Takes about one hour to get down if you are doing the harder ones like dantes or mags.

Nope, anything that is a dhc from a grab state. Thats why dante can start it with his grapple hook, or hagger can start with Hoodlum Launcher.