Wolverine is fast

I like how if Sentinel is flying on the opposite side of the screen, I can dash over to him much faster than spiral could teleport there. then sj. jab, and I tag him out of the air. without seeing the ground wolv dashed on, it looks like he damn teleported there out of no where. with speedup wolverine, jesus, you could probably hit another wolverine’s s. jab in recovery.

speed-up wolverine has got to be faster than magneto.

Let’s start posting up some crossup combos . d/f+fierce and c. rh both have potential for teleport, as does qcb+jab/fierce.

Wolverine seems to be able to capitalize on:

  1. small size (run under sent assist, slide under HSF, etc.)
  2. fast dash speed (with or without speedup)
  3. easy crossup capabilities (can’t count how many times I’ve ended up on the other side of the opponent without planning that to happen)
  4. fast attack speed (if storm misses a sj. fierce, wolverine can just jump up there with her and hit her in her recovery. not too many other dudes who can do that so easily).

And where’s Zaza’s FAQ? man, I wish he still had it up. that guy’s wolv is sick.

speed up wolvie is the fastest character in the game iirc. I’m not sure if rogue is faster with speed up though?

his speed up mode is unblockable. First of all, you can’t push block him off you. If you do, he gets free relayers. Secondly, once he establishes the pressure, he’s able to land an infinite into mixup+tron, or instant overhead+tron. Thirdly, his attack frames are faster in speed up mode making that mode even more retarded. If he could throw while in speed up mode, it would be too much to handle.

c.mp+call tron, c.rh is an excellent xup during his infinite for some life. His slide through move, I think its hcb+p, does crossup with tron but its really weird timing.

setting up his speed up is fairly easy. AA on CH vs point or a tron pin can leave you in speed up mode safely. Even after CH launcher, FS can help you to activate. Not to mention that you can go ambiguous w ron, activate and get glitch crossups. Also the activation itself has a hit box that I think is safe on block iirc.

I guess ideally, you want to activate speed up and land a safe pressure string. After you land that first one, you’re guaranteed something eventually. After you get a combo+tron during his rush down sequence, you want to layer it into a mixup+tron right after that. His normals do less damage in speed up mode so using tron to make up for it is a good idea. Don’t use FS because they make his speed up deplete faster unless you’re using it to end your speed up.

Towards the end of your speed up, magic series + tron, speed up disappears, tron rings layer, then reactivate speed up mode. Kinda like a strider trap pattern except less restricted. Really broken if you just want pressure.

I think zaza said it best, when you throw someone with wolvie, " clack the wood." aka mash the fuck out of it properly for hella life.

of course, the measure of a character is how well do they apply basic fundamentals effectively. speed up wolvie may be flat out retarded but he won’t always be in that mode. So learning to fight solo and exploiting what he has outside of speed up will make him fundamentally more effective. Then when you finally decide to use the speed up, its auto pilot after that.

iirc, zaza deleted those wolvie posts from back in the day. However, someone who’s super OG might have a saved it. You gotta dig around and see who you can contact.

Interesting points. So basically, Wolverine with 5 levels would be pretty deadly I’d imagine. I totally know what you mean, because when I activate speed-up, basically people head for the air to get the hell away from Wolverine and his blinding crossups. It’s exactly as if you’re Strider with orbs lol. funny similarities.

I might have to experiment with something like <battery>/wolverine/tron, doom,sent.

I suppose even <battery>/wolverine/doom could work.


The only thing is having wolverine as the main char seems to be a scary idea. I can’t imagine how many times I’d come into GB from magneto into crossup into hyper combo = death.

Wolverine kinda reminds me of Red Venom except that there’s no grab -> infinite and no real infinites. But still, his speed is just ridiculous.
Wolverine is also like Magneto in that he can be at your opponent’s feet in an instant and on the other side faster than the human brain can figure it out.

Any reason Zaza gave up on Wolv? I feel like maybe he hasn’t been full exploited, but Zaza or any of you guys would know better.

wolv AA isn’t the best. Its ok @ best so I would probably start wolvie. He’ll have limited bar but all he has to do is take care the part of his fight and thats it. Which will only take a bar. Its really easy to make use of that shit. When you attack in that mode and those attacks make contact wether hit or block, they make your meter go down slower.

Its important to note that in speed up mode, you will eventually work your opponent into the corner. If they push block you to stop that, they leave themselves open to a free pin behind tron for a mixup opportunity. Its very hard to stop instant over head attempts because they have to be anticipated. IMO, they’re simply too fast to block based on reaction.

From the little exp I have with wolvie, I find that wolv ron is his best combination. I wouldn’t play wolv\doom because of the really horrible damage output. Wolv ron actually makes his game kinda dangerous.

awesome input, Shoultzula.

Anybody else you would recommend as a 3rd char with tron?

I have the most exp. with Cammy/tron, but Cammy in the center doesn’t seem to fair that well (although dp+kk xx KBA sounds fun).

strider (maybe your least favorite, i know haha)

Wolv/Cable/Tron seems ok, but it seems to rely too much on cable/tron. Then again, the middle char would be pretty important if wolv gets wiped out fast (which happens from time to time).

hmm, mixup deserves the credit for wolvy\morrigan ron. He was the first person I saw play that team. Sent can work in the 2nd slot too, wolvy\sent ron. Cammy can also fit in the 2nd slot, wolvy\cammy ron, but you don’t have a safe dhc IN.

Your 2nd character after wolvy needs to have a normal AA thats very hard to stop if not unbeatable and the ability to function with tron on a retarded level. You won’t have an AA if wolvy dies off and even if he doesn’t, you don’t want to rely on it as your main AA option.

Cammy can work in the 2nd slot fairly well. She’ll dhc nicely off wolvy anything, she has a very good AA in c.fp and if you can’t dhc IN, you can always AC in.

hmm, wolvy\charlie ron could also possibly work fairly well.

I’ve thought about using Charlie, but it didn’t seem like he had anything crazy cheap with Tron, maybe cuz he doesn’t seem fast enough. I’ve seen Charlie with Doom wreck shop, but so far not with tron.

Hm, Wolv/sent/tron sounds pretty good. I’m guessing bbx xx HSF works for a kill…

Maybe wolv/storm-a/tron, too. dp+pp xx hail storm has got to be pretty nice against an assist.

charlie ron when mastered is just flat out retarded. Of the low tiers who don’t have an air dash, hes one of the best ground based characters in the game. His ground over head doesn’t hit some character sizes but he does have awesome relayers and very great air mobility in his banana kick, the up, upfwd+k move.

His LP boom after a tron series will allow for relayers. After a banana kick in the air, you can hit d+lk which is his best crossup hit box. Very hard to tell what side he’ll fall on when timed properly. c.lk+tron, c.mk, qcf+pp super is really cheap and easy life. When properly timed with dashes, you can work your opponent towards the corner for hella screen. Rather safe too because the super it self has pretty fast recovery time but not 100% safe unless its blocked.

as I remember it, you can tech hit his RH throw but not entirely sure these days. Too many characters in marvel and my head can only hold so much info.

also, his banana kick will cross the fuck up anywhere. You just gotta approach that proper angle so it can work its magic. You actually get frames off the banana kick from certain angles\heights. Lastly, if you banana kick really low to the ground, to the point where the move can’t go down any more, the momentum will actually extend him horizontally instead of vertically.

Team chemistry is really a shade of grey. Sometimes, a team that I think won’t work does if you play it a little differently. You really gotta mess around with options and see what works with you as a player. With charlie in the 2nd spot, you have a character thats amazing with tron, an AA and a safe dhc in. You really can’t go wrong with this team and charlies layers are pretty solid so I’m positive you can build bar as you apply pressure pretty well.

I really like speed up wolvy though, maybe I should pick him up again.