Wolverine-Master's Crib

i live in brooklyn
i play all fighters.
i am the innovator of the brooklyn thread.
come discuss, plan, play anything but sf4 and blazblu at my crib.
open for hosting sessions and small tourney’s.
currently playing mvc2, 3rd strike and more.
come get your ass kicked.

wow dude ure serious about this joe
i hope i can drop by soon to challenge u in mvc2

It’s mvc2 either sat or sunday. We can do some 3s also if you want.
I’ll bring some beer. If francisco is gonna be there some mountain dew as well.

saturday it is…
hopefully booty’ll drop by.
we can difinitely have some 3rd strike going.
booty wants to own us in world heroes…
lets kick his ass…shall we

I got no problem with world heroes. Looking forward to be schooled

i’ll download it later

Just to be sure. We are going to be strictly on the ps2 right?
I don’t want to bring multiple sticks if I can avoid it.

world heroes in going to be on the mac.
duke gave me a copy of vampire savior, and its for ps2.
booty’s stick should work for the mac, i have the converter so thats 2 sticks right there.
but we’ll be mostly on the ps2.

I’m down for saturday

Gonna leave extra early so the train ride doesn’t rape me

Aight. Im bringing the laptopsy for nfba and 1 namco for the ps2.
As i see it we are just 1 stick (any type) away from having two setups to play on.

Looking forward to this.

tweleve its good to have you back.
i miss kickin yo ass so much.
saturday fellas…maybe some newcomers will show up.
havent heard from francisco all week, so i’m not sure if he’s coming.

The way you write your posts is so clutch

dont know what you mean…but thanks for your input.

iam down for saturday ^___^

I’ve been trying to save up money so I don’t really know if I can make it on Saturday yet.

Joe with the higher Doom!!!

Next time we vs I got to pick Charlie/Magneto/Doom. Your Doom is way better than mine, but I’m hoping I won’t have to rely on Doom to win the match lol

I worked on the s.Hk (1 hit) superjump cancel a little last night. The most I got so far was 3 reps in a row. You and AJ were both right, it’s much easier to execute when you let the stick go back to neutral before hitting the Hk.

Joe you must show me this higher doom I’ve been hearing of. My Doom sucks =[

lol…my dooms sucks too.
i just survive longer than others.
raven is saying that cuz he saw me pull the infinite off in a match.

This open to vs series and 3rd strike nubs as well? been focusing on SF4 and BB but Ive been dying to learn how to play xmen vs street fighter and 3rd strike…

xvsf is my best game…
so the answer to your question is yes.
can you come saturday?