Wolverine-Master's Crib

Yo I haven’t seen you in a minute where you been at?

Come through we’ll show you everything you need


Pass though man. You will be most welcome and xvsf joe can schoool and i’m sure tweleve and me can help you level up in 3s

YO word I am down. Seriously the reason why i have never came through for any of this is cuz I barely check the northern atlantic forums. Wlovy can you PM me your number For SATurday. I will bring a 360 stick. Should I bring another setup?

NO BB or SF4 ???

i dont have a ps3 or sf4.
xvsf will be running on the mac.
ps2 on the tv.
check your inbox tinshi.
saturday looks like its gonna jump off.

Tinshi I don’t think I’ve ever gotten the chance to play your Oro in 3s yet =[

What time is everyone headed to your place on Sat.?
and Tweleve I havent been to CF in like 2 months because I was going to class and BB finally came out on console…

the earliest anyone has shown up was 10:30.
the earlier, the better.
that just means more games for you.
i will end the session at 7pm.
most of you wont stay that late anyway.

games running:
xvsf, mvc1…laptop/mac
mvc2, cvs2, 3s, VS, msh…ps2
if necessary, RIVAL MATCHES CAN BE RECORDED…(or anybody that thinks they want it in xvsf or msh :slight_smile:

while i was typing that^^^, my wife woke up and went to the bathroom.
a min. later, she ran back into the room out of breath.
i got scared, i asked her what was the problem…(i thought someone was in the house)
she said that there was a spider in the bathroom…(i laughed)
she proceeded to say that it was smaller than her pinky nail so she decided to try and kill it.
she took some toilet paper to tried and squash it on the wall.
in motion of her hand getting to the wall, she said the spider looked at her, pulled out a web, and swung away…lol

i am not making this up people.
i, myself, am disgusted by bugs.
but when you play mvc2, and your main character is spiderman, if your wife comes to you and says that a real life spider just did a web dash to get away from being killed, you HAVE to laugh.
just to show her the irony of the situation.


Peter Parker in WM’s bathroom. Watch out for web balls!

p.s-: your avatar is so cuuuuute…awwwww

Aiit. I’m gonna try to get there by 11-12 depending on how bad the MTA wants to fuck with me.

got back from cf like about 2 this morning.
but i’m up now.
lets get this shit going today.
tinshi’s in…shim’s in…tweleve’s in…duke’s in…

just a heads up:
just got word from a friend of mine…a regular at cf.
not sure when this friend can make it…the next time we play cvs2, i will let this friend know.
and SHE will own you all.

I think I know who she is. And if I’m correct, she can probably destroy us all in marvel.

I’m not gonna be able to make it today. =(

thanks for letting me know that TODAY.
very kind of you.

and nah tweleve…you’re talking about Q.
she can never come over my crib…NEVER.

Sarcasm so thick you’d need Ragna the Blood Edges sword to cut through it…

kinda your fault on that.
but handle your bidness.


Once again I wanna thank Joe for hosting today’s session.

GG’s Joe, Shim and Duke.

Vampire Savior and CvS2 was just fucking popping today.