Wolverine Match-Ups Thread



So who is giving you the most trouble so far?

Sentinel is someone we will all have to talk about, in the early going at least. his standing/crouching H seems ridic fast and it appears to be too long to berserker slash through it if you are mid screen or farther. Wolverine also seems to have his classic problem of having a hard time chasing Sentinel down when Sent is flying. I’m thinking the upgraded drill claw coupled with an assist might be good? Also can Sent unfly? If he can’t then maybe you can catch him in random air fatal claws?


Berserker Charge will be a must on Sentinel.


You can get around sent pretty easy if he’s on point, it’s that dam drones assist that mess up wolverines berserker Slashes. You can always dash forward to H Slash, and it goes through sent’s H lasers. You can also super jump from full screen or jump from half screen and drill claw/dive at him and any combination of the two. If you can dash up to about half screen and call a good assist, then maybe a short wave dash to block for it and let it come out without getting hit, then you can get in for free when sent gets caught in the assist, then it is play time bub.

One bad match I can see is Haggar. His double arm punch specials (which does hella damage and ppl love to spam) has so much priority it beats out drill claw and other attacks. Also his lariat is really good and stops Slashes. His lariat assist beats slashes too. I had to adjust to play him, I couldn’t really figure out a way to approach him cuz I would always take damage instead. I would dash forward as if I was going in, then dash back and call Ammy’s cold star assist to bait his double arm punch specials. And if he got caught, I could launch > pain.


For Haggar, I remember being able to hit him out of his lariat with a low attack, similar to Zangief.

I don’t remember which character I was using at the time, or if it was his a normal or assist lariat; but I’ll test it out in the lab later today and edit this post.


I don’t really have too much of a problem with Sent. Just have to play it slow and look for an opening. Jwong has a video using his Wolvie with good anti-sent tips.

I was wondering if anyone has some good tips against She-Hulk and X-23? The only punish I know on X-23 is after her ankle slice I mash low and it catches half the time, everything else feels lagless…


I’m having trouble rushing down anyone that uses Haggar lariat assist. Damn thing is invincible and puts an instant end to pressure. I’m thinking do it and wait for him to go away, and use that small window of oppurtunity. However that window is not hard to close w/ some running away or high priority moves or a random newbish super.

Any ideas?


Like Sawa mentioned, your best bet is to attack low. I’ve been testing some counter strategies against this assist and low attacks are the way to go.


I’ve played two first two ten sets against SRKPuff who used that assist. Basically I either try to bait it out, or just play a lot safer. Less risk I guess, and if I catch the assist I’m killing it in 1 combo even if I have to use x-factor.


I’ve been working on some punishment vids. I plan to do a few more for Wolverine, as well as other characters:





Hope this helps folks out somewhat.


Great videos SAPhoenix.

Q: Why am I having a hard time landing dive kick in the bnb on Tron?


Was the question directed at me, or just in general?

It might just be a timing issue. There shouldn’t be any input delay between drill claw and the dive kick.


I posted a response to this querry in the Wolvie Q&A, have a look.

You can totally Super Jump Dive kick Hagger right out of his Lariet. Give it a go I promise it works. Doubly great when its an assist cause you get to combo two for the price of one.


Really great videos there. Solid work!


Thanks :slight_smile: There are more vids on the way. I just haven’t had much time to complete them.


Those punishment vids were super helpful. Have you come up with anything for Dante and Taskmaster? Those two give me just a ton of pressure issues.


Glad to hear it! If it helps anyone, I’m happy :slight_smile:

lol To be honest, those characters were next in line as I’ve also had my fair share of troubles against them :slight_smile:

A buddy of mine uses those two and Zero/Trish. I’ll post up the vids as soon as they’re done :slight_smile: Work is making things a bit difficult at the moment, but I’ll try to complete them this week. Watch this space :slight_smile:


Sounds good! Can’t wait!


Magneto(lamer disruptor spamming kind) combined with doom missles assist. It feels impossible to get in on him if he doesn’t want you to, plus doom missles prevents any big combos once you do XD.


For me it would be against wesker. I just can’t seem to time his gunshot and teleport from behind S. It crosses me up all the time. I hope there will be a video on how to get wolverine out of that. Plus I kind of feel like if wolverine doesn’t have a assist (like akuma) it’s really hard to get anything going.


Wolverine vs Dante vid is up. Still busy with the Taskmaster vid.