Wolverine/Morrigan/Doom? Opinions



This is a team I’ve been playing around for a while.  It has worked really well.  Morrigan can give meter to Wolverine since he can’t build in while in  Beserker Charge…also allowing her to have meter when she comes in  for Astral Vistion.  Missiles, while not the BEST assist for wolverine covers him pretty decent and extends his combos so that i can do the fatal claw loops.  Wolverine has like the best beginning of the match options so I try to get him to kill at least a character and a half…then even when you kill him. You have MorriDoom…which we all know is really good.  So what are the faults of this team…I like to think I’m really good with both Morrigan and Wolverine.  But I’d also love some insight on how the team could work together. Any reply helps! Thanks! :slight_smile:


Sorry I didn’t mean to post this here. I just joined and am not familiar with where to post certain things :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel like you need a horizontal assist with wolverine. So missles + soulfist or any morrigan assist + plasma beam would be better with wolvie. If u went magneto point, then all you would need is missles