Wolverine movie news

So, its old news that a Wolverine spin-off movie is coming, but there have been a few “reveals” recently. First, there will be a cameo by Deadpool (played by Ryan Reynolds) (I know someone already mentioned it in the deadpool thread). Second, Gambit will appear and will be played by Friday Night Lights’ Taylor Kitsch. Hope they don’t throw in too many characters just for kicks, but its pretty cool news. There are rumors of other characters appearing, but these seem to be the only two confirmed so far.

when is this supposed to take place in relation to the other x-men movies?

I got this from wikipedia:

This movie takes place before he joins the X-Men. So we should see lots of Weapon X and (hopefully) some Alpha Flight excitement. Heather and James Hudson’s apperances have both been confirmed so this is shaping up pretty well.

So Reynolds is actually going to do it? I just hope Hollywood doesn’t fuck with the Deadpool suit design too much or his character. Deadpool needs the burned face and his signature mask.

I wonder if they were able to talk Gerard Butler into playing Sabertooth?

Taylor K. looks like a good actor to play The Cajun IMHO, he might make it work.
Now all we gotta hope that the script will be good and won’t have an emo/angsty Logan…ah what the fuck am I saying; IF THIS MOVIE DON’T GIVE ME A GOOD DEADPOOL, I’LL FIRE EVERY BULLET IN EVERY DOORKNOB I GOT STASHED!

Oh yes Gambits gonna be hot!

…so I heard Maggie “bad actress” Q will play SilverFox eh??

Van Wilder? Fuck him! Get Ray Park or someone in the suit and make Demi Moore the do voice acting!

New casting has been revealed-
Kestrel a.k.a. John Wraith has been confirmed and will be portrayed by William James Adams, Jr.
Sabretooth will be played by Isaac Liev Schreiber, though the previous actor has commented on prob. reprising the role from the first X-Men movie.

Butler as Tooth would have been great!!! damn them!

You speak nonsense my dude. You corn husking, idgit:arazz::arazz:

This thread needs to be renamed “Deadpool movie news.”

this is good. I was about to make an instant reply that gambit should be there. I read he’s actually going to be there!! And deadpool too!! to good.

“you cock juggling THUNDER CUNT!” [/blade 3]

:tup: Ryan Reynolds

you know i was really planning on not seeing this movie too until i learned deadpool was in it… thanks guys :frowning:


If Deadpool is in this , I will be so happy. I heard this could be a big rumor , but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed anyway.

true dat.

curious how their gonna play up sabertooth.

The best thing about deadpool making the cameo is that if he’s LOL funny enough and crazy violent enough, he’ll get his own movie soon enough.

I can see it now; DP blows everything up EXCEPT the target all the while giving off a speech on how Bea Arthur’s the sexiest woman alive.

More casting seems to have been confirmed-
Daniel Henney will take the role of Maverick/Agent 0
Dominic Monaghan will play the role of Beak/Blackwing