Wolverine - New Tech

Like many people, I’ve spent most of today messing around in training mode. I was originally jotting stuff down in Notepad, but I figured it might be a good idea to share my findings so that other people could comment, elaborate, or help develop further. Please feel free to reply with anything you guys find. Some of this stuff might become useful someday!

Some interesting things I’ve found with Wolverine so far:

[*]He has a wall jump.

[]Berserker Slash travels farther when you are in the Berserker Charge state, or in X-Factor mode.
]Range Increases (most to least):
[*]BCharge Only = XF2 = XF3 = XF3+BCharge
Base Range
XF1+BCharge = XF2+BCharge

[]The differences are very minor, but it’s worth noting that a BCharged H Berserker Slash will hit Iron Man from full screen, but an XF2+BCharged H Berserker Slash will not.
]BCharge + XF recovery speed bonuses do stack however, and you will see a greater boost from XF3+BCharge than from XF1+BCharge.


[*]If you are near the corner and backthrow the opponent into it, you will be able to link a Standing Light attack into the combo of your choice. This is easier when used against average and large sized characters, and in many cases you can substitute Standing Light attack with Standing Medium attack.

[*]After both grounded throws, you have enough time to dash over while calling assist, OTG with a Slide, and pop them up into the assist for a combo. This is possible even when needing to dash fullscreen after a forward throw.

[*]You can call Doom’s Missile assist, then immediately start a forward ground throw. If you mash out all hits of the throw, the enemy will pop out just in time to eat an entire barrage of missiles. In the corner, you can link an up-forward Drill Claw > Dive Kick while the missiles are hitting. Yes, this does look hilarious.

[*]In dire chipping situations, it is possible to combine H Berserker Slash and Weapon X to travel more than a full screen away, completely invincible. (H Berserker Slash is invincible from frames 5-15, Weapon X is invincible from 1-20)

[*]When Wolverine is in the Berserker Charge state, or has Level 2+ X-Factor, he can combo a counterhit j.L (instant overhead) into Drill claw > Dive Kick. A properly timed Berserker Barrage xx Berserker Charge can lead to this situation.

(I’ll keep updating this as I find more stuff)

if you time it right you can do the j. L overhead into air S xx drill claw, then dive kick and start your combo…no assist or charge necessary

j.L into Drill Claw only works on counterhit (when you have Berserker Charge or Level 2+ X-Factor). =(

Does your method work against all characters?

You can combo of j.L with normal Wolvie (not berserker charge) combined with Deadpool’s low assist. Just call assist then do j.L roughly about the same time;

So far the strongest I’ve found of it is: j.lmhs st ms j.mmh drill claw,divekick s j.mmh drill claw, fatal claw: it does 662,600. Not bad from an instant overhead :razz:

Idk if anybody knows this yet but you and combo instant jlmls into itself against sent iam not sure how many times and the timing is very strick but could that be a loop I have horrible execution and I could only get 2 reps???

yeah it’s 2 times you can do it before the hitstun is reduced. I did it in X Factor too and it was 2 and a half… meaning it stopped at 8 hits. Also, I didn’t check with Berserker Charge… but you can try.

I found a setup for the crossup berserker slash:

Do the normal bnb (lmhs, mmh, drill claw, divekick) but after the dive kick, tag them with H. Wait for wolverine to recover, and then do berserker slash. A hard berserker slash will cross over, and a medium will not. The berserker slash than then be cacelled to super or lvl 3.

THIS IS NOT A CANCEL. If you cancel it, wolverine will slash at them before they get reset. So just do the berserker slash right after wolverine recovers from his st. H.

This is the best way i’ve found for wolverine to be able to kill some characters with one mixup.

Does anyone know how to option select his air throw the way Wong does all the time? I heard Team Spooky talking about it being safe in the sense that if you’re close enough, you’ll grab, but if not, you’ll guard… or attack? Haha, I am a noob when it comes to option select.

Also, is this same strategy available for other characters?

he is probably just inputting down+forward H for the dive kick and it doubles as a throw… try pressing that in the air more and you’ll get more throw/dive kicks… dive kick hits go into full combo

don’t know if this is obvious but you can also do kara berserker slashes

just cancel the startup of s.H into bs for a little extra range

Not to down play your find, but I dont know If I woudl forgo a garrenteed combo for a single Slash. Even if you dont have enuf meter to end your second air combo with a Fatal Claw you can always Aerial Exchange to build meter and deal some damage

Hey idk if anybody found this yet but If u instant overhead (j.l) with wolvie then do j.s depending on when u press s it might cross up or not.

nice find.
Are you able to combo off of the j:s:?
What characters where you able to get this done on?

Almost everybodyu could do it against tall chars but the timing is diffrent and less consistent against medium and short people its not that hard. And I doesn’t work on sent or hulk . But we can combo instant overhead on them anyways

I had trouble doing it to MODOK when I tried it last night.
I didnt mess with it too long though. but It would be a nice mix-up if you can combo off the j:s:

Ya I also had a hard time against modok, but I don’t think it matters too much on him or the other really big chars cuz we could just combo from the instant oh alone and u can combo off of it a lot of times even straight into s.m

when i do J.S i continue with M instead of L it seems to connect better i don’t know why but it works for me most of the time then i just do bnb afterwards

I too was wondering this. I was watching of the Justin Wong vids and one of the commentator was saying that your suppose to mash M, H (air dash) that way you get the option select, either a hit or grab. I believe the vid was a weekly tourny. And one of the commentators was saying that Justing throws a lot and then the other guy explained what J.wong was doing. Hope this helps because I too would like to get this down.

Well im sure you know that Wol doesnt have an air dash, right?
The OS that I use for wolvie in Air to Air combat is :df::h::
with this if your opp tries to throw you you will get a tech and if not you will get a dive kick.
Now I dont know of any other air to air option selects with Wol or any other characters.
But there is a thread in the MVC3 forum for Option Selects where you might be able to get some further advice from.
Dime started the thread and if you can get advice from him that would be your best bet, the man is a fighting game genius.

Yeah i’m aware of Wolverine not being able to air dash, i was just saying that that’s what I got from the commentator.