Wolverine questions

  1. I know that Wolverine’s name was found to be James Howlett, but I don’t know what comic or issue they revealed that in, do you?

  2. Daken, Wolverine’s son, is suppossed to have had his 1st appearence in Wolverine Origins #10. Was that a typical one page cameo or was it an actual appearence throughout the comic?

Thanks for your help?

1: I’m pretty sure it was early in Wolverine: Origins, don’t know the number tho.

wiki says it was issue ten. They definetly showed his picture as there were a bunch of scenes with him.

Yeah, to the first question his first name was revealed in Origin #1. Origin and Origins are too different series’ BTW, Origin lasted 4 issues, Origins is ongoing. Anyway, in Origin issue #2 there was a clearer indication that James was Wolverine because in issue one there were quite a few candidates on who was going to be Wolerine. Anymore than that would be spoiler, so please read Origin when you get the chance, it’s available in TPB format.

Oh and Wolverine has another child named Erista. The author of Origins has hinted that this child will play a part in the series later on, but nothing’s official yet.

Thanks to all the replies…new to the site, but you guys are great.