Wolverine vs. Hulk/Ghost Rider/Sentinel Matchup



So I’m having trouble with this team because the player just spams hulk shoulder charge with sentinel drones which is then followed up by a standing heavy. What is the best way to handle this kind of situation because trying to get quick lights on Hulk get absorbed by the super armor that he has and next thing you know that’s a dead wolverine. Help with the hulk matchup would be great.

Second, when he has Ghost Rider he just jumps in the air and spams S. By far the most annoying s**t I have ever seen what is the match-up for Wolverine vs. Ghost Rider is the next part.

To give some base on my team I have Wolverine/Doom/Vergil with Doom plasma beam assist and Vergil judgment cut assist.

So best strategies for dealing with this team are greatly appreciated because it’s very annoying and I must put a stop to it.


You really shouldn’t be having a problem with the team you’re running vs. Hulk/GR/Sentinel. Plasma beam makes sentinel assist absolutely useless so you shouldn’t even have to worry about drones. On top of that it blows Hulk’s armor moves up because of it’s insanely fast start up and multiple hits. Plasma beam also gives GR big headaches if you call it full screen. In addition, GR has no way to stop rush down once a character gets in on him–Wolverine probably has the best rush down in the game. Honestly, just calling plasma beam + berserker slash should crush that whole team. The beam will protect you from gamma charge, armored normals, and drones while your BS will cross them up and lead to a full combo. Even if they block the plasma beam and BS you should be at a big frame advantage to mix them up (especially if you activate berserker charge). Also, in bersker charge mode rapid crouching lights should blow up any attempt by Hulk to use his standing H. The key is to not let Hulk push you in the corner and to stay on top of Ghost Rider.

And of course if all else fails you have Scrubgil in the back lol. As long as you have X factor left to blow and some meter he should quickly blow through Hulk. Ghost Rider with drones might be a bit of a problem for Dark Vergil, but if you are careful any hit will finish him. I do suggest switching to rapid slash for Vergil’s assist because it gives you a very stupid incoming mixup (just call Vergil as they come in and drill claw or dive kick with Wolverine. You can X factor Ghost Rider right there and win the match.