Woman cut out of pious Catholic grandmother's £220,000 will because she lived in sin with boyfriend

… so what exactly was the life of sin?.. living with her boyfriend before getting married.
What’s the purpose of writing a will if someone can change it after you’re dead?

:eek: It’s just another of those catch-22 situations.

One can say, “Yeah, I don’t want my last will and testament to be amended,” but I suppose if you don’t update it regularly, you can end up in a situation where you may end up leaving people out of the document that you might have wanted in or vice versa.

Then again, one could argue that these things fall under the realm of personal responsibility and life-changing events would demand that one update their will. That’s well and good, but it’s important to remember that even the short trip to get your documents changed could end in tragedy. “That’s an unlikely scenario,” but it can and does happen. There is no real easy answer, I think.

I’m no expert on law, but I wonder if it’s possible to have your documents contain a clause that exempts them from legal amendments after death.

P.S. - I agree, it has very little to do with the family’s faith and more to do with the greed of those involved.

Well, the lord will provide her with everything she needs anyhow so its no big deal. Right?

there’s nothing in the bible that says you can’t live together before marriage. there is plenty of shit supporting polygamy, concubines, and slavery though. solomon had 600+ concubines. he lived with them and never put a ring on it. abraham fucked his slave haggar; they weren’t married either. judah the father of modern israel fucked a hooker. what’s all the fuss about?

you mean fucked a hooker that was in fact the wife of two of his sons

edit or was it 3

but I mean nobody is looking to the old testament for that shit I dont think, they like to pull it from the new somewhat

touche good sir. i looked it up, it was two. the second one was struck dead because he used the “pullout” method. LULZ

haha yeah, one of my favorite parts of the old testament, along with lot gettin drunk and bangin his daughters and jehu HELLA KILLIN that fatass dude

because she ain’t David and or god’s chosen one.

hopefully Britain has a way to argue higher up in the courts, but considering how much they love their religion overseas, I doubt this will end well. Fuck those asshole relatives.


when my dad got cancer, he quietly started funneling his savings and property to his friend so i wouldn’t get any of it (i think to get back at my mom for some reason). way more than what this chick is crying over- and i didn’t even do anything to antagonize him.

I’m aware it had nothing to do with religion. England isnt a religious country. I just find it strange that a Will can be easily amended by judges after you’re dead. The British justice system is complete garbage and i’ve experienced this first hand.

Didn’t Abraham also pimp his wife, Sarah out to a king, or emperor or something, too?

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How is it legal to amend a will after the person dies?

That is some foul bullshit.

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yeah, and everytime they tried to bang her, god would smite them


Pretty sure Haggar was running that shit, and Abraham was both slave and bottom

Seriously…you can be alpha as the fuck, but when you see :u: coming at you, you know what comes next. Best just make your peace with it.

I would need to see the will myself as the article is pretty vague.

Not cool if a will can be changed after the person’s death, i would hate to have a family like that.

they just look to the old testament to justify anti-gay rhetoric.

I can’t even begin imagine how cross she must be about this.

'Cause the bible told them so.

…Yeah, that was some ol’ bullshit. I don’t think the old lady is smiling down on any of them right now.