Woman Dies After Injecting Her Face with Hot Beef Fat

It’s amazing to see what people do nowadays…



Why the fuck would anyone do that?

Heheh yea i saw this on the Phil Defranco show. I laughed.

Meh. Article was updated, the fat didn’t cause her death.

The autospy came in and she had colon problems that caused her death.


:wtf: Beef fat? Does anyone have a good pun for this? I am currently unable to reach that part of my brain.


way to be fat
where’s the beef at
the puns are sort of just built right in so it’s actually not that exciting

Im guessing she injected her face 42 times…

Looks like she gave herself a hot beef injection :3

She wanted to be fat, so she asked where’s the beef at?

She takes meat to the face on a whole nother level!!!

I guess she didn’t believe that fat meat is greasy.

This is why any part of Illinois south of Chicago doesn’t claim Chicago.

Well, that and Obama.

But I could think of easier, and less stupid methods, of putting beef fat into your system. Just go to the golden arches.

I mean come on, America used to be prone to crash diets, now they’re on crash bulking systems?

haha! I bet her BF came in the house like.“Oooo Girl you cookin?”

The fat in her head probably occupied most of the space in her brain.

Hot Beef Injection…


The things some women will do for vanity will never cease to amaze me. That’s just… mind blowing that anyone would actually do that.

White chicks want Angelina Jolie’s features.