Woman finds out Shocking news using a Fake Facebook account

this woman tries to find dirt on her husband using a fake facebook account but finds out something even more shocking http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/06/09/facebook-angela-voelkert-murder_n_873907.html

Welp. It’s the internet, after all.

And again… Men > Women.
He played her like a harp from hell.

Can you imagine the spiteful, vindictive bitch she must be that the husband would go to those kinds of lengths just to get her to leave him alone? Creating a fake facebook account just to get dirt on your husband for a divorce? Wow.

Props to the husband though, DANCE PUPPET DANCE!!! BWHAHAHAHA Strokes white persian cat. You only thought you beat me because YOU FELL INTO MY TRAP!!!

The story ended with a happy ending.

he should’ve said he was having an affair with her mother… or father.

lmao, damn he owned her.

How dumb could the wife be? Why would a teenage girl friend a 38 year old man just out of the blue?

Might’ve been for Farmville.

Most godlike mixups of 2011? Good contention.

Lol. Baited and punished, hard.

I gotta say… if he was just kidding around that’s fucking hilarious. but if he really was planning on killing her then he’s dumb as hell… I don’t think it’s the latter though. I mean you have to be REALLY dumb to tell a stranger – not even the fucking hitman, but some random ass girl – your murder plans.

Definitely, this one would have to top that list.

Should change the name of this thread. Bitch got out tricked like a chump

He sent a notarized note to the FBI before he started communicating with the fake account. I don’t think that he was being serious.

Dem interwebz mindgames.

didn’t see that and not sure what that means but ok i’ll take that as proof he was jk

It means he knew damn well it was his wife, so he sent a message to the police stating his intent. If he HADN’T done that, he’d be doing some hard time.

All I know is, the bitch CAN’T CONTROL IT.

He made a note sayin “yo Im’a serve this bitch right here” basically, had a notary sign it to make it official who was probably like “yoooo shit son go get it!” and then sent a copy to the FBI, who I guess he should just thank for not losing it somewhere lol. But anyway yeah, without all of that effort, he wouldn’t have been able to defend himself in court.

Reminds me of that craigslist story (not sure if it was legit or not) about that guy who had a vasectomy, diggled this crazy chick, the chick tried to claim that her pregnancy was his, then he proceeded to destroy her with copies of his medical records proving that he could not impregnate her due to his operation. Awesome story about the facebook trap.

it would be pretty for him to prove he was lying just by virtue of the fact that there most likely wasn’t some secret GPS tracking device on her van. BUT good call on his part bcuz now he gets to use this in court as evidence that she’s a crazy bitch.