Woman Goes Full Racist, Internet Takes Care Of The Rest


And apparently she might face charges now. People have already posted where she lives and what she does. Here is a Facebook page dedicated to her:



Let’s get these out of the way.




So…how this start?


God damn drug dealers trying to run over kids, drop N bombs and instigate trouble smdh

nearly died at

At least she didnt say shes not racist cause shes got a coloured TV, that ones getting old


Guy gets into his car and starts it, and one of this bitches kids apparently gets startled by it starting. Bitch goes crazy and begins going into racist mode.


That’s what he says, but he doesn’t have video of it. Just of her rant. Truth is we don’t know how the argument started. The guy could have very well instigated it. I wish he gave his full name. Kinda sucks all they do is focus on the woman and have no idea who the guy taping it is.




Nigge® means ignorant person?

Get the fuck outta here son!

Its a racial slur used to describe black people exclusively. I’ve even tested this by calling white people ‘nigge(rs)’ just to troll them, and an overwhelming majority if not all of them will say “You can’t call me nigge®, because I’m white”. (Yes I’m one of the types of people that tell tasteless jokes just to elicit a response)


She’s right on the meaning, but she overlooks historical context.


And done :coffee:


At one point she says something like, “You don’t know how many cops I stripped for!”

What… exactly did she meant by that? Perhaps, it would be better not to know.


Bleh, this happened not far from where I grew up. No surprise here though. There are a lot of folks who think like that up there.

It’s funny that people call the South more racist yet it’s also much more integrated than the North. Northerners usually keep their racism on the DL though too.


Oh lord. Nothing worse than a Juggalo Fag trying to act hard on the Internet of all places.

Do us a favor and see how well magnets work in front of a speeding train tulip.


I like how the guy about to enter the store stops to catch a quick glimpse of the action then as he walks off he was like…


Yawn this thread sucks. HAX come post something funny pls


you missed a thread or two in your absence.

Hey what’s with that “White collar brawlers” show. Its not on On Demand. Take 2 guys who work together and have a beef, and get them into boxing shape and they get to have a match man-o y man-o. Watched the whole episode until the last few minutes but didn’t get to watch the fight at the end. :tdown:

“I was surprised how well I could take a punch!” <-- he lost, clearly



people who still complain about racism are thin skinned pussies and are in fact racists themselves. now hate crimes on the otherhand is a whole different story


She did tell the end of her story

[details=Spoiler]Dat bipolar option select




So yet another case of a mentally disturbed individual getting recorded exclaiming derogatory comments and the internet crusaders marking that person as the Anti-Christ.