Woman goes nuts over McDonald's nuggets

Some nutjob in Toledo, Ohio, when informed that she wasn’t getting the nuggets she was jonesing for at 6am, lost her cool, battering the woman working the window and attempting to forcibly enter the building via said window. Then she just started breaking crap. Needless to say, she’s been nabbed and is facing some 2 months in jail.

Woman Goes Crazy In McDonalds DriveThruVideo

What the hell? Has MD’s started putting crack into the food to make people spend their last bit of money on it instead of finding healthy alternatives, without considering that the addiction could lead to tomfoolery such as this?

:rofl: at 1:43

It’s been like two decades since I tried those nuggets, I wonder what they put in them now.

Repost in the wrong forum. If you’re going to fail, you may as well do it right. :tup:

WOW, that is some true crazy stuff there.

This would have been perfect for the white trash thread. She’s probably one of those people who want 10 packets of honey mustard for a 6 piece.

:rofl: @ the person who drives up immediately afterwards and gets their food like clockwork.

Man I wish this video had sound to it, that is some epic stuff :rofl:

I saw this on the news. Maybe there’s HGH in those McNuggets?!

Guess she’s Nug-Nutz

In the news video

The friend of the crazy woman says that the MCD’s should have “just closed the window.” As if that were possible

I feel sorry for her husband/boyfriend.