Woman hires guy from Craigslist to help her claim rape to save her relationship, gets arrested

WTF. This sounds like some One Life To Live/All My Children type shit.

Jesus Christ. People are whacked out. Why don’t they just post fake ads for used RealDolls the way I, and other normal people do?

Where do I give you my money, Vynce?

Please lock her up far away and for a very long time.

If this was on Law and Order: SVU…this would be Stabler and Benson’s response to the “victim”:



Actually…I think this was an actual episode.

I bet she told the sketch artist “Some Puerto Rican guy.” Dead giveaway.

Either she’s homeless or she got problems.

I only clicked this thread because I saw ELDERgod had replied and I was hoping for an epic story

I am disappointed

There are no epic stories with lying women. Just harsh truth.

Only as counterweight for the epic stories lying women come up with.

Just a day in the life of the oppressed American female.

Where da straw feminists at to defend this poor, down-on-her-luck woman? We all know it’s all the ex-boyfriend’s fault for dumping her and taking away her right to fuck up his life with her craziness…

““Ms. Triplett directed him to hit her repeatedly in the body and face. They had sex and afterwards

Good choice, I too would have fucked her after not before because nothing gets the blood flowing quite like beating hard.

$9001 says the guy who answered her craigslist ad is RockB.

Who says you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure? And in this case which is which?

Ray J did not hit it first.

I don’t have any epic stories about crazy women who tried to rape me. I mean, there were women who have tried to kill me before but their efforts were futile before the overwhelming power of ElderGOD, but that’s another story.

Like this one Asian chick upstate. She kind of wanted to “go out” and thought that I would be interested because a lot of people bugged her because she looked like Mai Shiranui. I told her that I had no interest in such a fragile creature such as herself and that she must last five minutes against the almighty ElderGOD to stand a chance.

So there we are under a club house:


Light blue sky, but with thunder from a passing lightning storm not too far off.

Hit play on this before continuing to read:

Her hand teleports to half a millimeter in front of my eye before I activate my advancement movement technique and instantly dash to the side out of the way while her fingers cut through one of the club house’s pillars in half that was right behind me. The shoes I wear were only made for human movement and it took me two seconds and twenty feet to stop skidding while forcing the sand from the ground into the air. The next second before the sand even managed to settle I sensed a distortion in pressure ahead of me and side stepped right before she flew out with a tornado kick six feet above ground in an instant flash and severed another pillar that was behind me as if it was a loaf of bread. She made a cute smile then did a back flip off the wooden table, forcing it closer to me. Before I had a chance to remark I heard the roof of the entire club house falling. In the two seconds I wasted to dash twenty feet she had taken out all the other pillars.

The sky was covered by the roof crashing down. A wall behind me. The wooden table in front. My left hand in my pocket, maintaining the ElderPose. My right on my face in the middle of an ElderFacepalm. Right before the roof is about to flatten everything below it, I concentrate my energy into my right and release the hand of ElderGOD. I perform an uppercut, transferring my energy through my hand into the roof to create a shock wave and shattering it into a myriad of pieces. She observes a large brown hemisphere, composed of sand and wood debris. I then perform the ElderWave, a technique where the hand performs a 360 attack, creating a wave of force to dispel the debris. Which reveals six Snapple bottles turned Molotov Cocktail launched towards me from all directions.

I calmly take out a stack of seven pennies that my left hand had readied from my left pocket and fling them two feet up with my left thumb. As they separate in the air and reach their peak, my right back hand sends them flying. The next second six explosions occur a safe distance way, unworthy to grace my territory, which was enough to distract me sufficiently, for she had vanished from where she stood. I quickly sense her right behind me. As she attempts to land a palm strike to the back of my head just an inch away the seventh penny descends from the sky striking a pressure point, temporarily disabling her right arm. I initiate my rotation 180 degrees into a counter palm strike as she’s momentarily dazed. Holding back to a small fraction of my power, she’s sent flying about thirty feet.

She manages to stand back up through willpower alone and hide behind a tree. I take out twenty pennies and throw them up forward into the sky. When they are about forty feet above her, I take out two sets of twenty pennies and beam them beyond the speed of sound towards the initial twenty pennies. The second and third barrage of bullet pennies are deflected off the first into an unavoidable hailstorm of metal. The tall large birch tree she is using for shelter is heavily damaged due to the metal storm. She uses her metal bracelets on both her wrists to parry the coins as they attempt to strike, each with the force of a sledge hammer. Before she lowers her hands the tree that is a half foot in diameter in front of her is snapped like a toothpick by my palm at a speed beyond the speed of light, which is to be expected of ElderGOD. Her eyes close. My hand is just a centimeter from her face. The World appears as if time has frozen and there is silence, the complete absence of sound. The silence is broken by my faint whisper, five minutes are up. She had won, but that’s another story.

^Did she look like Mai Shiranui because her boobs were big?

I know…poor girls are just swimming in rape culture and patriarchy.

I wonder if giving her shit about abusing the legal system means I’m a rape apologist…or is this victim blaming:)

I guess some girls really do rape easy.

Stupid bitch…

Real talk though, this girl is pretty good looking.




You have to admit it was a good plan.
I mean…who doesn’t get turned on at the thought of damaged goods?