Woman holds 2 men hostage for sex, and gets no jail time whatsoever


Uh wow. I guess i dont need to divulge too much into the obvious here, so i’ll just state the obvious in one short sentence. You know if that was a man holding two women hostage, it would be all over national news, and he would be looking forward to rotting in jail for a very long time.

The worst part is she held the first guy hostage, the cops came after neighbors heard him screaming for help. She got out later that day from jail, then held another man hostage in the same fucking house, and got caught. lol




Both the bitch and the judge need jail time.


She is already imprisoned within her own vagina. :wasted:


Guy was screaming cause the poontang wasnt all that good probably.


what kind of weak warrior lets a woman do that to him


It wasn’t no ordinary poontang

It was a vagiant


Terry Boyd. The woman in question for reference purposes


I await a roast[/details]


^haha it’s Bobby the Brain Heenan in drag?!

Anyway, lighter sentence for another woman just because she’s a woman…oh what a surprise that is. How very, very surprising.



She’s probably just suffering from internalized misogyny and was brainwashed by the patriarchy into thinking she wanted to rape these guys. What a shame, such an innocent woman might have had to potentially see the inside of a cell. Thank goodness she will be saved from personal responsibility!


Now thats messed up


Misandric society dishing out justice as always.


I can fap to this.


She didn’t really avoid jail. The judge delayed sentencing so she could receive mental health counseling.

Given the fact that she took hostages multiple times for sex and was combative with hospital workers seems to imply some kind of emotional issue. I’d say it’s also likely she wrongfully blamed others for assaulting her.

Most likely she’s having a manic episode, which has the possibility of having psychotic symptoms. If she does avoid jail she’ll probably be placed in a psych hospital and put on meds.

People who display bizarre behaviors like this often have their court proceedings halted. This isn’t really a sex/gender issue, this is a sensationalist news story trying to get you to come to that conclusion.


Um, shouldn’t you be changing diapers BITCH




I wish I had a nickel for every time a woman didn’t get jail time due to"insert scapegoat here"mental issue.


If it was changed from “Woman holds 2 men hostage for sex” to “Man holds 2 women hostage for sex” I wonder how different things would be.


As someone who’s worked at a psych hospital, there’s a lot of men and women who get brought in due to them getting picked up by the cops.

Statistically speaking, men have a significantly higher likelihood for mental illness and you will often see this in this patient census in a hospital setting.

So if you were gonna get a nickle for mental issues, you’d be much better off collecting from men than women.


matriarch wouldn’t have posted that psychological dissertation and rambled about how scary it might have been.