Woman is arrested, flicks her bean & offers oral sexy time for freedom


**"A Florida stripper charged with resisting arrest repeatedly stripped and masturbated in a police cell and offered oral sex for her release, police say.

‘Workaholic’ Lakeisha Johnson, who is employed at Tootsie’s Cabaret in Miami, gave police officers an X-rated show after being arrested in the early hours of May 19.

The 29-year-old removed her clothes and ‘exposed her vagina, anus, and breasts’, according to a police report published by the Smoking Gun.

‘On several occasions, the female licked her breast and masturbated,’ explained officer Juan Canino. ‘[She] had to be ordered repeatedly to keep her clothes on and to stop masturbating’.

When a female officer went to search Ms Johnson she ‘removed her clothing once again and began rubbing her vagina’, police say

She then allegedly told Canino: ‘I’ll suck your d**k if you let me go.’

Johnson was initially questioned by officers investigating the theft of an iPad when she started ‘using extremely vulgar language and began removing clothing,’ police say.

She was taken into custody after allegedly slapping an officer on the arm.

Johnson, who remains in police custody, was charged with resisting an officer without violence. She is not facing any additional charges for her ‘vulgar behaviour’."

:rofl: I bet Serpico’s corrupt cop buddies would have taken her up on her offer.


Fuck, my eyes!


I don’t know what to say…


First response from Raz0r as I expected.


That woman is a shaved Furby. If you don’t agree you are certified hoodrat chaser.


Gonna have to side with Raz0r on this one.


I don’t give a damn about hoodrats. Alive or dead.


Damnit this shit just makes me wanna join the police


The THIRST is real.


Days of future Oprah?


Is that her stripper name? I guess she living up to that name.


It’s pronounced Worka"hoe"lic


Wow. The insanity of this woman is amazingly bad and entertaining.


I didn’t realize police arrested women.


Each part of this story make me laugh harder and harder. :lol:

Women arrested, her name is lakeisha, stripper, Florida story, a “workaholic,” name of place is Tooties cabaret (classy!) and of course this bitch offers herself to get out of jail… Sick!

Oh and there’s theft of course… Of an iPad? You can’t make this shit up!


If that was a man he would been given prison time for that stunt.


somewhat related to the fact that we’re all laughing at this stunt
(then again, this is srk, so people here would be laughing either way probably)


And that is why you put them through a wall regardless of their gender. Either way you lose so you might as cause some damage first.

I just wonder why parents don’t warn their children (well let’s be honest and say sons) about this sort of thing. I would’ve liked at least a warning about the dangers of women in this society from my mother instead of having to find out on my own. But I guess this sums up why that never happened:


And before someone says it, no I didn’t really get screwed over by a woman. You don’t have to be shot by a bullet, to infer that it hurts.


I live in miami and lemme tell you that tootsies is the dirtiest place in miami. so disgusting. it’s basically a brothel smh…