Woman jailed after five false rape allegations


A woman who made a string of false rape allegations against five men in eight years was behind bars last night.

Leanne Black, 32, repeatedly cried rape with bogus sex assault reports to police after rowing or breaking up with her former partners.

In one case, Black claimed she had been drugged and raped. In another she told police a boyfriend kidnapped and molested her.

A court heard that her innocent partners would have faced up to five years in jail if they had been found guilty of such serious sexual allegations.

However, Black was herself jailed for two years, with a judge condemning her actions, telling her that genuine rape victims would be undermined by her lies.

The court heard that, in the most recent case in March, her boyfriend Kevin Crowley was held on suspicion of rape after he had called police to report she had thrown plates at him in their flat.

David Wooler, prosecuting, said officers arrived at the scene of the domestic argument at the home shared by Black and her boyfriend – and she turned the tables on him.

Mr Wooler said: ‘When she was questioned by police she told them her boyfriend had raped her while she slept at his flat.

‘It was the most recent in a number of repeated false rape allegations against men since 2005.’
Newport Crown Court heard that, in June 2005, Black had made a rape allegation but the case did not proceed.

In July 2006, she accused her then partner of raping her twice and also claimed she had been kidnapped and raped. In 2009, she claimed she had been the victim of a serious sexual assault.

And in 2010, she fabricated a story about being drugged and raped. Then, earlier this year, she made the accusations against Mr Crowley.

But she finally owned up, admitting one count of perverting the course of justice against Mr Crowley.

Judge William Gaskell told Black, of Cwmbran, South Wales, she had made it more difficult for genuine rape victims to be believed. He said: ‘Police have to take all allegations of rape very seriously.

But of course, women “never lie about rape”, right?



I thought this was a repost of an article from last year. Different chick though. Lol


2 wasn’t enough? How the fuck did it get to five? Did they have some motherfucking in the back constantly going “I know she’s lied three times but, I think this time she’s being honest”?

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Proof that men and women are equal.

Now men can’t pretend that women get away with false rape claims and women can’t pretend there is endemic sexism.


She should have been jailed after the first fake allegation. This undermines legitimate rape accusations for every victim out there. That piece of shit.



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Wtf… why is it only 2 years in prison?


I hope more people realize that lying about being raped is not only a crime against one innocent man but also against all future rape victims, and start treating it accordingly.


Good. The sentence should be longer.


I agree with this more than I probably should but…

I really hope someone does rape her. She’s playing around with something that leaves permanent mental scarring on women all over the world and just using it as a leverage tool against innocent people. If anyone “deserved” to know how rape felt and affected your psyche, it’s this bitch.


2 years ain’t long enough. This bitch needs to get the same time that dudes get for raping a woman. Need to make an example out of people who abuse the legal system


Saying you approve of her being raped now because she made false rape accusations may be the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen typed on SRK. That’s saying a lot.


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Oh? Do explain this. Don’t just say some dumb shit and walk away from it.

A scenario where this woman is actually raped, comes to, realizes she’s been raped and then realizes that she absolutely CANNOT go to the police about it is so much god damned justice it’s orgasmic.

Inb4 making light of the gravity of rape. No, she is making light of the gravity of rape and I know rape victims and people like her make life even more of a nightmare for them. If she is going to make a career out of these kinds of claims, she should know what it feels like so that her harmful claims can be accurate and honest.


What I want to know is why isn’t this a law yet? A guy is convicted of rape, innocent or not, gets up to 20 years. Why does a woman get off free for attempting to ruin that guy’s life by falsifying rape? I mean yeah this chick got 2 years, but that’s after 5 times or being proven a liar of rape. Make a law that you do it even once and you get jailed. This way women are much more hesitant to risk doing it and the women who actually DO get raped are taken more seriously.


In what world do you live in where forcing someone to be violated is alright? She should spend time in jail, not forced to suffer the duress of the crime she falsely proclaimed happened. That’s barbaric and backwards.

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