Woman Offers BJs for McD's Chicken McNuggets

I mean, I know they’re not that bad but damn haha.

Of all things, McNuggets? On a side note, it’s crazy how people can just easily accept a blowjob from a complete stranger.

I guess all 'dat grease make for hella throat lube…

Either that, or some guys want their cocks to smell like… cocks, I guess?

McNuggets are the only thing I can stand when even going to McDonalds. If she came at me I’d have to go all RockB on her.

A lot of homeless people have mental disorders, and simply can’t afford the psychiatric and health care they need, or they just don’t have anyone around who gives a damn about them.

Others? Are content to wander the streets as bumbs.

I don’t know which one she is, but either way it’s pitiful.

That’s actually the part that confuses me.

mcnuggets are srs bizness

She should hook up with the guy that got some cheezeburgers.

Sucking dick for this:

Not a good look.


Facebook reposts are hilarious. anybody know if anything in that post has any credence?

What’s she look like though? Man they make condoms for a reason, and it ain’t contraception. That’s what pulling out is for.

Of all things to do for a BJ… wtf?

…could you have picked a more appropriate av :rofl:

So how many boxes of chicken nuggets did they find in her possession?

i want pics of this chick. BJs in exchange for nuggets would be epic. She’d get the saltiest dipping sauce with them nuggets though…

First of all this story is only half as good as it could be without a picture.

Secondly what does she do for each size?

Hand job for a 4 piece

Regular BJ for 6

BJ + Ball lick for 10

Deepthroat and swallow for 20

The sauces at McD’s aren’t good enough, she wanted her mcnuggets to go with that white sauce.

some good head usually takes about 5-10 mins…the odds of this homeless broad being able to give me some head mindblowing enough that i’d be ok with being in her presence for that long is pretty slim.

I bet she’s lovin it.

So I guess she would offer a Cleveland Steamer for a 30 sack of White Castles?

I didn’t know Cock Meat Sandwich was on the menu…