Woman outraged after Papa John's write racist name on her receipt

[SIZE=4]‘My name isn’t lady chinky eyes’: Woman outraged after Papa John’s write racist name on her receipt[/SIZE]


[LEFT]isnt this the third time this has happened in a few weeks. why would they need your name on a receipt anyway?[/LEFT]

Hold up, why is this becoming some kind of fad at random fast food places all of a sudden?

Is this the new cool thing to be doing right now?

I’m gonna start complaining at these joints if my receipt doesn’t have “cracker” somewhere in my name.

Even assuming you’re a racist fuck, why would you willingly offer written evidence of this fact? Especially where the CUSTOMER can seen it?

I’m guessing the employee was probably high as a goddamn kite. And no one at Papa Johns’ apparently gave a shit until being contacted about the matter.

The lesson, as always; avoid Papa Johns’ like the plague.

On an entirely unrelated, the Asian girl is really cute, and I say that as someone who is usually attracted to black girls…

that’s the new thing for fast food restaurants that get super busy around here. once the food is ready they either call your name or your order number. i’m guessing they couldn’t spell her name and used an identifier to figure out who she was.

also i’m not racist but that was a pretty accurate description


Her eyes are chinky as fuck, but I’d never be dumb enough to write that on a receipt… unless I didn’t like my job and wanted to get fired and bring some bad pub to the place that employed me… wait… that shit is brilliant. Hopefully I’ll never have to work at a place like this, but if I wanted to get fired and go out with a bang this would be the perfect setup.

i hope a place does this to me, no really. I want to get a ton of free shit for one casual insult that wont really insult me anyway

  1. Go to Papa John’s
  2. Wait for them to call me “Mr kike nose”
  3. Sue them for $1,000,000

God DAMN, fast food places hating on asians like hotcakes! Wtf?

But the employee said lady chinky eyes. Gives it an air of dignity.
I, for one, would be honored to be called lady chinky eyes. And a bit confused as to how anybody would mistake me for a lady, or describe my eyes as chinky. Though maybe semi-chinky I would understand.

The lady looks more flattered than outraged.

They wrote white sir on mine since white is a minority.

At first I was confused…


but then I lol’d :rofl:

I’ve been eating papa johns for the last 3 days(in the middle of order some for today) since they have promo code “Halfoff” which takes off half off everything if you order online. Might be STL/midwest only tho. papajohns pizza farts smell weird btw. :wtf:

I wonder how many years of free pizza will she get?

None if they were smart. That would set a precedent. Let’s say I work at a place like this and don’t want my job anymore I’d get a (insert some easy to offend group here) friend and write some shit about them on the receipt. I’d get fired, but they’d get some crazy settlement like food for a year or some shit. We’d split the food and have a laugh.

This is a real life case where you literally do not feed the trolls.

I’m sure that picture wasnt taken right after the incident.

That’s actually a really good idea.

Maybe he misheard her name on the phone. Chin Ki Eyes sounds like an asian name, right?

and no, she is not cute.\

edit: from now on, I will only accept racism in receipt form, for tax purposes

Man that could actually work, would have to be someone who doesn’t eat there often so as not to get caught out though.

These people work at a fast food restaurant plus are ignorant racists… doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that these workers are dumb enough to write that shit on a piece of paper, then give it to the person they’re insulting.

So what’s with all the Race threads, anyway?

Are you all trying to incite an SRK race war or something?