Woman pays $180 for a black market iPad... and can you guess what's wrong with it?


A woman thought she got a bargain when she bought what she thought was an iPad in a McDonald’s parking lot. Ashley McDowell, 22, only discovered after she got home that she’d splashed out $180 – for an iPlank. Instead of the cutting edge tablet, she got a block of painted wood with an Apple logo.

Miss McDowell told the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s office in South Carolina that she was scammed by two men who approached her on Monday night and offered to sell her a cheap ipad.

The men claimed they bought the computers in bulk and were selling them at a cut rate $300 each, well below the regular list price of $499.Although Miss McDowell said she only had $180, the men quickly agreed to the additional discount and she paid out the cash without checking inside the box.


Haw haw…

Haha, omg that sucks.



This thread reminds me of this:

dunno how people get caught out like this…

the good old fashioned switcharoo :rofl:

Just another dumb girl taking wood from strange men. Nothing to see here.

Um, lots of people do…

I can’t feel that sorry for her, after all, two random niggas trying to sell you anything in a McDonald parking lot is already suspect. Especially how quickly they drop that “discount” once she mention the 180.

Of course it’s gotta be my hometown of Spartanburg, South Carolina. Son of a bitch.

Woah, how do you know they were ni—

aw snaps.

^Exactly. If nothing else, she should’ve asked to see the product in action. could’ve saved herself some greenbacks with one question and some common sense.


people have no streets smarts these days :rofl:. we need a bootcamp that put people in abandon houses and give him a ounce of weed and gotta make a $500 dollar profit by the end of the week or get shot in the leg. no food, no electricty, no heat, maybe running water since they starting.

buying a half-priced ipad from two shady men in a mcdonalds parking lot

seems legit to me.

sigh ya’ll are missing the dumb part. When you buy something like that - you don’t leave until you['ve opened it up and looked at it smh

  • :bluu:

“HTC will now be bringing out a much better piece of wood for half the price.”

True that.

see this is the problem with an over-reliance on technology…most become so obsessed with deals on shit we really don’t need we’re duping ourselves into being put in such situations and don’t think through the fact that it’s too good to be true…and it always is.

she deserved to be out 180 in cash…she was charged an idiot tax.

Pressure tactics + a weeeee lil bit of psychology and straight up hustlin’ skills = a sucker every time. Even when you see it working and know they’re gonna switch it on you, you still choose the wrong way. Kinda like trying not to jump against Shotos. :tup:

Sigh, the vulnerability of Apple consumers.