Woman pays $180 for a black market iPad... and can you guess what's wrong with it?

yea that sucks…
she shouldn’t have fuckin said how much money she had… (RIGHT HERE ITS GGPO if Im a criminal)
and shoulda said let me see it

The fact that this broad didn’t check the contents doesn’t surprise me at all. When I sold one of my arcade sticks to some chick, she didn’t even bother opening the box to check the product even after I asked her to. I could’ve sold her a block of wood and made off with a free 300 bucks if I wasn’t such a fine upstanding citizen.


seriously i dont get why people dont check their shit especially when you get something for a “bargain.”

lol ppl used to go through that in the 80’s/early 90’s. one of my family members copped a “radio” from a dude selling random shit on the side of the street. she gets home, opens it up and its a brick. hahahahaha.

I carry about $900 in my socks…

HAHAHA! If she was smart she’d have paid much more money and got the actual thing she doesn’t need.

Who wood of guessed it…


dumb bitch deserved it. for being…dumb.

lol someone around here got beat as well at the flea market by some random guy first week of release for 500 it was sealed and there was a floor tile in it when he got home lol

I once had a guy scam me out of $120 for weed. I felt like a total moron, but fortunately, the guy was dumber than me and tried to scam me again a month later. That was the only time I’ve ever knocked anyone’s teeth out.

BRB, off to paint some wood.

Yeah my dad did the “I only have XX bucks” stupidity in NYC when buying knockoff purses for my sister and mom.

thats the new model? I still think my ipads better.

Reminds me of the Ipad box that was on sale on ebay that people had already bid on thinking it was a real one because “box” wasn’t stated in the title.


That was $180 well-spent (for her). Most life lessons rarely come that cheap.

The problem is yuppies. They lack street smarts, which is why they end up in these situations. While this airhead may from now on be wary of dudes in fast food parking lots, any slight variation will have her dumb ass falling for it again. All they have to do is catch her at a Wal-mart parking lot, wash, rinse, repeat.

Wheres the part where you go “ok can you take it out the box and turn it on before I buy it?”

Where is her dad so he can slap the shit outta her ass?

Now, now, i think you’re giving the situation far too much credit.

Society as we know it is not getting dumber or anything. Its just one idiot, nothing more.

Actually even this could be stupid depending on the situation. If someone says “I’ll sell you X product for Y amount of money,” and you ask to have them open it then you just admitted that you’ve either got that kind of money on you or will show up with it. What could potentially go wrong from there requires no explanation.