Woman runs over and kills kid riding his bicycle, sues his family for "pain and suffering"


Give me a fucking break.


Does this mean I can sue Vynce?


They still stone people over in the Middle East right?

Can someone send her over there please?


So floridians finally found out what U-Haul is…uh oh expect these stories to pop up everywhere.


She needs to get run over by an SUV.


That’s a serious case of pussy pass.


(Sadly the only thing that surprises me is that hasn’t happened before given all the frivolous and otherwise avaricious lawsuits there are.)

I guess I am slightly also surprised that this is supposedly happening in Canada rather than in U.S. or some European country, but it’s not like Canada is perfect or anything. Granted, this is still fucked up regardless of place, but that’s humanity for you.

(Also probably dampening my surprise is I can never remember if the Dailymail is one of the UK’s “real” newspapers or just one of those tabloid affairs.)

Gee. I wonder why. She probably just (fake) cried her way out of such a test in a way that no man could.


Lawyers are one of the worst things to ever be created by human society. I honestly don’t know which is worse, the woman who killed the kid and maimed his two friends, or the rat-faced bottom feeder who cooked up this “lawsuit”…

No wait, yes I do, and so do you.


Jake Roberts??? Looks like it’s time to give this bitch one hellva DDT.


I sue Capcom and Midway (NRS) for making me play fighting games…


Eh most of the world is feminized. They have feminists in Afghanistan and India too. Sure there are rapes and other stuff in those regions, but that stuff happens in the US as well, there will always be some criminals no matter where you go and what time period it is.

The world is increasingly globalized, going towards a one world culture. Language wise, English is fairly well known around the world and at some point could be the dominant world language.

Human beings really are not so different from one another. Cultures have been different, but if you create a world culture it’s going to trend towards being the same everywhere.


There is not a facepalm big enough for this…


If it had been Florida, she would’ve cited Stand Your Ground and said the kid’s handlebar was a gun.

She makes a strong case for 300th trimester abortions.


Challenge Accepted!

I can’t even laugh at this story. There’s really nothing funny about it. It’s just pure, straightforward retardation that leaves me speechless.

Edit: Also, shit like this is exactly why I’d rather have someone dodge jail time for being rich than having a vagina.


I said it before and I’ll say it again.

Some bitches just need shot.


Man, i really want to show her the true meaning of pain and suffering :mad:


Are you thinking what I’m thinking?


This bitch needs a Lime Green Penis.


Awaiting inevitable specs post proclaiming the boys were attempting to rape her and she was simply defending herself and standing up for women’s rights.


Just one? Nuh-uh.
Cues the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme


And that Dr. B would’ve sobered her up.