Woman sentenced to life in prison for having 14 year old cope a feel


IF IT WAS A MAN WHO DID THIS… Oh wait, never mind. Guessing the judge was Serpent or something.

That’s insane.

I agree with what the bird says.


When I was a baby I was grabbing everyone tits. If that judge knew me as a baby there would be a shit load of people in jail. :coffee:

?She is getting a greater penalty for having a boy touch her breast than if she killed him,? she said. < = Re fucking dick you less!

The most important question out of this case is this

Is she hot?

US law system fucks up again.

finally justice is served

that will teach women who think they can get away with rape just because they’re a woman

any man who had done this would have received the same penalty

First thing that came to my mind. If she’s hot, I’d lick the tits right off of her. If not, then yeah, throw her ass in prison. :rofl:

Life sentence for that is ridiculous, IMO.

finnaly some equality. She should get the same punishment as if it was a dude making some little girl touch his dick. which i believe should be a slap on the wrist for both crimes…but at least there is equality.

Obviously not. If she was, this would be a case of charity rather than crime.

What sort of idiot drops dime on a drunk chick that let’s you cop a feel?

I don’t know a male, straight or even gay that would rat a drunk chick out for that to face criminal charges over some bullshit like groping a breast. The fuck is wrong with Nevada court system?

As happy as I am for a bit of equality when it comes to molestation of a child; I’d rather have the satisfying justice of her life sentence be take…RESERVED back a bit in order to dispense on future female pedophiles. She can do 15, but spread the severity of the sentence around to all the other bitches who’ve molested children before.


That’s a sick sentence, her life is basically ruined. And because of alcohol too.
Imagine the panic she feels right now.
Wether a man or a woman, lifetime sentence is just crazy. I mean sure it’s a kid, but 13 isn’t even that young. I mean, I think 15 is legal here.
For such a small crime, a second chance should be given imo.

Of course I checked for pics first, that said I was 14 when I first got head even, I was feeling girls tits way before that at school, that said they were within a few years of my age. As for him narcing her out, I highly doubt it, I’m sure he told a friend who told a friend etc etc until word reached parents and once that happened is when the shit hit the fan.

And you could say the kid hit the Jackpot.

the jail-time is insanely severe, if she can appeal it, obviously she should

as to the question is she hot? Nope. http://arbroath.blogspot.com/2010/04/woman-sentenced-to-life-for-forcing-13.html

We gonna start arresting folks at mardi gras for flashing people then slapping them with 5 years probation? Talk about fear and loathing in Elko.

Judging from how it’s worded, it sounds like the guy didn’t want to give her such a harsh penalty. His hands were tied.

Poor kid…

That chick deserves life.

holy shit. fuck no. throw that bitch in and throw away the keys.

Man i felt sorry for her then i saw the pics…Justice served!