Woman sentenced to life in prison for having 14 year old cope a feel

wtf at the first part

:rofl: at the second

Bitch should be forced to cop a feel in prison.

the law stated that if you’re convicted of committing a sexual crime against a child you get life and knowing this, she decided to go to trial instead of pleading out…she has no one to blame but herself.

Females don’t know how to act once they leave that kitchen, that’s what she gets.

clever :coffee:

Well, pedophiles deserve harsh sentences but, then again…

?She is getting a greater penalty for having a boy touch her breast than if she killed him,?

That pretty much sums it up. Very strange.

that bitch look like sloth from the goonies…she already got a life sentence from god.

on the one hand, i can only imagine how people would be howling for blood if a man had ‘gotten drunk’ and forced a 13 year old to touch his dick
on the other hand, a mandatory life sentence for this is total bullshit and everyone knows it.


Send that bitch to jail, no $200! Drunk is a bs excuse…in fact I think it’s a lie she was even drinking.

So, the kids getting therapy? Well, that’s reasonable, any 13 year old boy who get’s traumatized by getting to touch a womans boob (no matter how she looks) definitely needs therapy… or come out of the closet.

Hey you guys! More pics of her & the victim…

LOL! The shallow, fickle nature of SRK never fails to make me laugh. Mofos are sentencing the bitch because she’s ugly. :rofl:

Having said that, I’m sure it would have been a lot less traumatic for the boy if the teacher looked like Charlize Theron rather than Kathy Bates.

life sentance?

what is the strategy behind this :confused:

that’s quite funny

kid:“she said she would put my fingers in a fat fryer if I didn’t do it”

Have you not seen the pictures of her?
Poor kid’s gonna be scarred for life.

Curiousity killed this cat.

being 13 means your horny as fuck. most of us would have wanted a teach like that. but an ugly, big one like and even threatening u if u didnt, she got what she deserved. now if she gave the kid an option, nah u 2 ugly, maybe that dude wanna, helikes fatties. no harm done.

It was forced upon him. There’s a difference between willingly groping some titties and being forced to grab some titties.

She got what she deserved if you ask me, child molestation isn’t something that should be taken lightly neither is sexual assault in general. The fact that she would have gotten less time for murdering the child tells me that they need to punish murders more severely not loosen up the punishment for individuals like her.

She will likely be out of prison on parole in the next 10 years. Fitting really when you do things like this your movements should be restricted when you’re let out of prison.

anytime over the age of about ten i would have loved to be ‘forced’ to groped titties.
she’d have to be properly old witch hag ugly for it to be a bad thing.