Woman shot over miraculous Auburn win


“I’ve heard of sudden death overtime, but this is ridicu-loss.”



Please don’t let her be bl–


Sorry you need to quote the whole thing man

Ok, bitch makes joke, other bitch blasts that bitch, bitch pays 75k bond, bitch free to go back and blast more jokey bitches?

Somebody help me out with US geography, is alabama in florida?


its’ in the south.

wow, ghetto digglets of any color are stupid


dont worry guyz, its black on black crime, nothing to see here.

but thats seriously stupid. i mean obviously the shit escalated beyond just the game, and wasnt simply because of the loss, but was most likely the initial cause for the anger.

crazy right. 7500 dollars and you get to walk amongst the normal humans who i dont know, DONT FUCKING SHOOT PEOPLE OVER RANDOM ALTERCATIONS THAT STARTED OFF OF A LOSS IN A COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAME.

and yes, alabama is exactly like florida

i wish i knew more details. gonna google



Reminds me of some of you asshats in the MMA thread, anyways both they bitches are black @Raz0r



They touch


Believe me, I saw. A quick Google search shined a light.


better link


What’s the problem? I thought you liked crazy women?


I’m going to go out on a limb and say that most likely neither Auburn nor Alabama was either of those women’s alma mater.



Sadly, it is part of Florida’s northern border. The other state that border’s Florida? If you guessed Georgia…Give yourself a cookie and a hazmat suit. Florida is the flopping shlong of human failure, and we’re the nuts who support it. :sad:



Florida has plenty of nuts supporting it already.


I’ve got a feeling none of the people involved are Alabama alumni. Collegians, they are not.


roll tide?


The red tide, mixed with the golden fire water.