Woman trades baby for pickup truck


What exactly does a baby for on the market?


Was the baby the newest model?

I would say organs but a newborn unlikely I believe.

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I dunno, but I got dumped by a girl about 10 years ago because I suggested if I keep her permanently pregnant, and sell each kid she has to a circus, we could make an extra 50 bucks a year, 100 on years she can manage to have two in one year. Twins or triplets or etc would be even more profitable.

She didn’t see eye to eye with me on that :frowning:


sounds to me like the mom didn’t take basic algebra.

cause she could’ve gotten a lot more for that baby


lol, of course meth was involved. this story stank of white trash from the title alone


“Kentucky”,“Kaminskey”, “methamphetamine”, “pick up truck” = didn’t need to see a picture of who was behind it.


you guys missed the important part:



Are Florida babies more valuable or something?


This is one of those be proud of humanity moments…


The person with the truck had a “For Sale” sign that said $900… or a small newborn baby.


What is it with you and selling babies to circuses?







This woman must have read the story about the baby organ harvesting plot that was going on in Nigeria and wanted in on the action


I wonder what she’d give for a klondike bar…



Space Ghost Coast To Coast Forever.


Can’t say I blame her if all you could get was an extra 50 bucks. This baby had a value of at least $900.


Pics of mulatto baby or it didn’t happen.


>see title
>please let her NOT be black

huge sigh of relief here, FOR ONCE


If it where black, the title would have been

mom/dad sells baby for PCP
dad shoots baby for crying when fed Purple Kool-aid


Florida? All is right within the world then…