Womankind, I have little faith in you



Disgusting, bruvs… utterly disgusting.


Yea, I read that shit early today on huff post… This chick was fucked up: carving the dudes internet handle into her flesh, letting him burn/piss on her. I’m sure she hasn’t had an original idea in her head since birth and the whole baby fucking thing was entirely his idea, but since he cops a plea, he only gets 37 years? Way to go US legal system, another stunning victory over justice and common sense.

Sad really… I hope the daughter can beat the odds and not end up a horribly broken adult but I honestly wouldn’t bet on it…


You have faith LEFT?! Nani?!



This was in the related articles:


Man, you aren’t allowed to like women because they’re crazy
and you aren’t allowed to like men because they’re mean
and you’re not allowed to be gay because that’s gay
but when you say you want to marry an anime character, or a pony, or a tube sock, people say you’re sick.


Obviously it was because she was a woman and it can’t possibly be that she’s just a terrible person…

Oh yea, and all white people are out to get all black people and all black people must kill all white people if they want to survive. Thank you for your contribution to this thread, it’s greatly appreciated.


So, I have to hate women because one of them allowed a man to do something horrific? Surely I should hate men just as much then.

(Don’t bother answering this, I know you’re just trying to justify being misogynistic)


There seems to be a reoccurring trend in those pictures. Wanna guess what it is?

Not sure what you mean. I was merely posting a picture of a man smiling in obvious enjoyment of the thread topic.

Now if I had posted this.


Then yeah…




More bruvs: http://www.news9.com/story/18115282/tahlequah-abuse-case


Keep em coming.

And here is a little something to make you cats feel better.


They actually set a bail for this witch?

I can’t come with anything for OP’s post. Just disgusting.


The WOMEN gets more years than the man??

Are your sure we are in America? Not only was he the WORST person in this debacle, shes a fucking girl.

EDIT: Yea i saw her pic…


I bothered anyway, but you do know she participated in the acts as well? Either way all 3 (Yea 3, apparently there was another guy) of em should be locked up for good.

She sexually abused the child as well according to the article. Unless I’ve read it wrong. Looks like the system has woken up after that McDonalds case and doesn’t let these wackjobs off with lighter sentences now just because of gender.

Not that its best to judge a group based on its trash .

Edit: Wait the father of the daughter is believed to be a 16 year old autistic boy? Got dayum :rofl:.


shit, why I can’t block members…did they take that feature out?


That black people don’t know how to operate a camera?



Good news is that the kids so damn young this particular incident may not even have an effect on her.


White people and their incest/child pornography.


indeed. Whats this? like the 14th article this month thats been posted on GD regarding white people doing stupid fucked up immoral shit? god man, what the fuck is wrong with that race? At first it was all shits and giggles, but now…