Woman's baby has penis AMPUTATED in botched circumcision

Wtf? I can’t even pun this shit, and y’all know I’m good for a spoof song or a one-liner…but this just so jacked up I can’t do anything humorous with it. This poor infant went in for a quick snip, and his dick got jacked. That’s just (hey, I did it!) fucked up by ANY standard. That surgeon needs to get their license yanked, and get some years in prison, cuz you don’t ACCIDENTALLY cut off somebody’s schwartz.

If we have put such a strong effort into stopping a dog’s tail and ears from being docked, why do we still let baby boy’s get circumcised? Sure, if you’re jewish, let it rock.

But everybody else: stop mutilating your child’s dick, its fucking bullshit and you damn well know it.

Theres seriously no reason to get your baby circumcised anymore shit is outdated as fuck

Was it a big loss?

No, thats a horrible joke, I cant believe this happened. That kid is going to grow up really hating his mom.

On the plus side, if he finds out he is a woman on the inside, he’ll have a running start with that process.

Geez between this and the dudes with 70 kids, Memphis is starting to challenge Florida as the premier loony bin of the Southeast. :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously though, how do you fuck up a circumcision? Was the surgeon drunk?

Mom sounds like a crazy religious freak with that “attack of the enemies” bit. That church is prob a cult, they didnt let her take the baby to a hospital or anything and were like oh well take care of it

shouts out to eugenics.

Circumcision is savage and barbaric.
If you want to do whatever you want to your OWN body…go for it.
But jeez leave another person’s body alone. Including babies who don’t have options or choices.

people are so stupid.

I was circumcised when i was 5

Also never met a girl who liked the anteater everybody loves the mushroom

They strap baby boys down to the table during circumcision.

They have to, or else they will break their backs from thrashing in pain.

True story.

Circumcision is evil as all fuck.

Fuck Circumcision.

why would anybody do this, seriously

this mother failed.

LOL, my dad said he didn’t circumsice any of us because that was some Jew nonsense, a way to identify Jews during WW2, and lastly, why cut into a mans dick. LOL

Lest we forget, infants cannot be administered anesthesia, because it will kill them.

All that pain.

How does that… did somebody sneeze or something? I just can’t fathom how you can fuck that up.

As someone who’s circumcised, nothing hurts more than seeing the ignorance and spread of circumcision. Circumcised men, in particular, have no clue of the atrocity that was done to them at birth.

Fact: Your foreskin, the natural appendage that was born along with your penis, was amputated from you without your consent. It provides moisture, protection, added sensitivity, and warmth among all other things to your penis. None of that can truly be replaced, or gotten back; your foreskin is gone forever.

Circumcision is completely and utterly wrong. There are no real benefits, only fucking lies and ignorance.
This topic truly infuriates and depresses me like no other.

fuck you circumcision haters…niggas wit ugly dicks.

confirmed…white srk members hate gettin laid.


Fuck that. Just because you are [insert religion here] doesn’t mean your kids are as well.