WOMEN OF WALMART: When You're Evicted From the Trailer For Cooking Meth Edition


Having worked at Walmart once in my life, and knowing there’s no Code for “people manufacturing illicit drugs in the store,” I wonder what they’ll dub this? “Code No Teeth?” “Code Anhydrous?”


why can’t people wait to get home to do their drugs?
i remember once waiting for the train and this guy ducked behind one of those big square garbage bins to shoot up sum heroin.
shit was creepy and nasty. i’ll never understand why some people can’t wait till they get home to get high.


She wasn’t even using. She was manufacturing. In public. In her purse.


…In her purse? :confused: What do you even say to that?





It’d suck to be the guy who tried to mug her.



“Yeah. got that purse now boy. Let’s see the loot…”


Chick: …Um, 911? forget that call. Everything’s…fine.



how do you even do this?

regardless, this is rather cool. Its a more portable shake and bake method to manufacture methamphetamine. All the conveniences of making meth on the go, minus the cumbersome car.


This better be featured in the last 8 episodes of Breaking Bad. Ultra Portable Meth Labs coming soon!




I was going to put a witty pun here but then I ran into a woman with meth in her purse and it blew up in my face.


pics, or it didn’t happen.



This could be an app…


Recently a house that belonged to the family of this dude I used to be in school with blew up because they had a meth lab upstairs. It blew out the entire upstairs and the guy got flown by helicopter to a hospital for burn treatments. Nobody was charged with anything though. And they STILL LIVE IN THE HOUSE. UPSTAIRS STILL BLOWN OUT AND EVERYTHING.


Although this is serious and really bizarre that she’s cookin’ up meth in her purse.
I wonder if we can use the methods for making food in a purse or a bag.
Portable shake and bake chicken in a bag. on the go. wherever whenever. hot and tasty.
Mmmmm… lipstick dressing…


dead serious, the science and methodology behind this is rather amazing. Who ever came up with this is genius. But, don’t think that I don’t consider the consequences of doing these type of chemical reaction in public, let alone a public space where there isn’t much space, and an explosion or sudden combustion of said individual can hurt others.


Oh ok, I see. But it’s pretty saddening that so many innovators that could be making such a difference in the world are involved in improving the portability of such a dangerous drug, not only to manufacture, but to ingest.


Me: sees thread title I remember that women of walmart playboy special, this should be good!

clicks thread


all surprise and shock lost :coffee:


It’s shit like this, man

Life is just one big lulzfest


Mind. Officially. Blown.