Wonder what it's like moving to Korea? I'm here to herp

I do a videogames podcast. One of my crew has just moved to South Korea with his wife. He’s been there for couple of months now, doing some postgrad stuff at a university. (He’s not an FG player, but is a hardcore-ish gamer apart from that.)

We thought it’d be cool to do a show on what it’s like to move there, any culture shock, interesting things and so on. So, if you’ve got any questions, just ask. We’ll try to pick some to read on the show, making you Internet famous.

I’ll post on SRK when the show is up, of course.

If you ain’t gonna derp, don’t even bother going…

Women. :tup:

Enjoy your stay. Oh, and watch your step.


what’s a herp? Herpes? GD is pretty clean try the SF4 forums

I’m not confident enough to derp yet, I’m still in training.

I’ll endeavour to find a subtle way to ask a married man about what the chicks are like and if they shit on the street.