Wondercon / Capcom Booth This Weekend / April 2-4, 2010

Its that time of year again!

Anyone from the area going to be attending this weekend? Any word if SSF4 will be playable?

Playable or not, I’ll definitely be in attendance and will be playing a few casuals for sure.

Here’s a link for info on today’s panel discussion, which starts at 5pm in Room 103:


See ya’ll there!

im gonna be there

Still trying to decide if I’m going on Sunday or not. i usually go to Wondercon, but I’m broke right now.

Wish they had wifi so I can post on my laptop. to conform…SSFIV IS PLAYABLE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

Big ups to Moses and Illiterate who were killin it wit Deejay and Cody (respectively). Should be a good tme for everyone this weekend :slight_smile:

Will the booth be open as soon as the convention opens at 10AM tomorrow morning?

Yeah I believe that everything on the convention floor should be up and running by the time they open doors to the event tomorrow. They have 3 fightstick set ups and a pad set up so there should be plenty of time to get a few games in.

For those into freebies, one of the workers from the Capcom booth noted that they’ll be passing out the remaining promo posters today and Sunday (http://www.capcom-unity.com/grant008/blog/2010/04/01/super_sfiv:_artist_series_campaign). Yesterday they gave out the Dudley vs. Bison poster and hoping they give out the Guile vs. Adon one today if possible. The Futura-designed poster (Akura vs. Cody) is supposed to be ultra rare so make sure you guys ask Capcom if they specifically have one of those in stock.

Yea was there yesterday to put in some work on my Sakura game feels faster Africa stage is the best new stage hands down can’t wait for it to drop.

So jealous of everyone who gets to play Super.

I have to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Ughhh

Played so much Cody yesterday and today. Godlike.

Guy Guy Guy!!!

Here’s a quick blurb about the show (footage from 4/2/10) by KTVU: http://www.ktvu.com/video/23041397/index.html

Yesterday was a madhouse all across the floor with tons of folks everywhere, so no chance of me playing yesterday. Anyone have new favorites after playing at the 'Con?

Gotta say though, out of all the updates in the game, I’m actually looking forward to playing more as Gen & Dan. Their normals seem a bit beefier. I even like Dhalsim’s pokes in this game more than vanilla. Guess time will tell April 26th what changes are about…

BTW, does anyone know if Gen Hands can cance or combo into his new PPP Ultra? If so, thats just gonna be so sick!


i like how the last secs of the vid you get TV time!!! CHANNEL 2 EYE WITNESS MIKE!

SJC into Ultra with Ibuki is fun <3

Was at the Con today and played some T. Hawk, Adon, and U2 Chun mostly. Adon’s damage is surprisingly good, maybe not as lost of a cause as most people think?

"Me and Sik will take the guards on the left. Moses, you rush in and grab the Super Disc!"

AHAHAHA Fuck it, i was down!!

WonderCon was awesome! I was there all 3 days playing Super. I’m not sure if I met/played any of you guys there, but if so, GG’s!

Dont forget bout ben cuz when he puts on that mask that lil asian girl will be eatin TORRTILLLAAAS!.. Oh wait i thought Jay would be goin in to pimp mode since we know hes a ladies man and i like girls with low health!


Greg what’s up dawgg. WE DIDN’T FIND HER - FUCK
[media=youtube]7v8gqwGp6bM&playnext_from=TL&videos=2GQs1_3lgBY&feature=sub"[/media]UGH I AM GOING TO FUCKING TRACK HER DOWN AND CHALLENGE HER I SWEAR (watch me, I am dead serious)

click click I’m going to hype you up like mad, sir - let’s see your best :rock:

GGs all - I love Cross Counter