WonderFestival Pictures (Tokyo) That Urien Model was Awesome Dude!

Go here to see a bunch of pictures I took at Winter WonderFestival 2006 for DFP. Wonderfestival is like the Tokyo Game Show for toys, models, and figures. New product lines debut here and theres a dealer room here about ten times the size as the ones found in most anime cons in the States. Just click on the picture to go to the story and the gallery link.



P.S. those Virtual-On models are made out of PAPER!!! I was like, “DAMN! I cant even fold a paper airplane correctly half the time!”

lol @ the urien

aww hell naww @ the urien.

that Jill Valentine was butt sex.

When I was looking at the Urien. I knew it was tight but man that`s alot of muscles! In that same booth was a model of Blue Mary done in the same over muscle style!

The paper Virtual-On models and the girl with the BIG Ass Sword were tighter though. That sword was damn near my height! and Im about 61! Did you see that picture?!

But I wish I would have gotten some video of the guy doing the “Ocelot gun twirling act in Snaker Eater!” His costume was on point and he could juggle the guns like a G!

@shatterstar: The Jill was a tasteful model. You could slide that one by a girlfriend with no problem. But most of the models there were mad spread eagle with ALL kinds of things crawling out of the crotch! I went there with my Boy`s girlfriend and she was getting sick! The sh!t was too funny!!!:rofl:

damn good pics, i will be getting that white cammy soon, its such a beautiful piece, thanks for sharing the pics.

the mina, cammy, magneto, phoenix wright, ino and poison were great models.
haha at the kfc cosplayer