Wondering about T.Hawk in SSF4 AE

Hi guys, Gen Player here. Quite a bit has been said about Hawk from Top Players, and while their comments are just mostly based on their own observations, I’m curious to know whether or not T.Hawk, (based on what’s known about him at the moment) is solid at a Competitive Level in AE? I’m just really curious because it sounds like many of the Low Tier characters back in Super have been buffed enough in AE to compete in Tournaments and win consistantly. I just think it’d be great if any character regardless of being Top Tier or Low Tier, is competitive at a Tournament Level. Then we would have a truly balanced game, lol. I sincerely hope that Hawk got his fair share of buffs and that you guys will be content with his AE Incarnation.

  • Paul

Looks like this time this staff is somewhat more cautious with the “faces” that will be highlighted in Tier ranks (and popularity, in a certain sense). For example Gen is low, Hawk is low, DJ is low.
Of course the placement is similar in many ways (like Chun not being that low, like it has been since the beginning, shotos being overall mid-high everytime, etc), but i think they are trying harder to nerf some guys. For example the third strike guys, Guy, DJ, etc.
The own staff says have that talk about preserving the “retro/classic” gameplay feel in the characters, but in some instances they rather put that aside [probably] in favor to tier placement or something else; thus they end up “alienating” some characters like making Blanka’s roll more unsafe than in sf2, or nerfing scissor kicks, etc.
Hawk was never that much dear, so there is not much hope for him. He doesn’t even seem like was very much worked on (look how even his portrait art is bad, not detailed as Dicatator’s, for example). His “insufficient” number and types of buffs is kinda a reflection of that.

I think that’s just bull SVN4. Honda and Blanka has lost their ability to turtle out a majority of the cast, making the game more offense-orientend, as they already started making it in Super. Not to put Honda or Blanka in any specific tier, just to force them to get in there and making things happen by themself.

But it do seem like they made the twins risky-good on purpouse, which I can’t blame them for since they pretty much bombed with the weak rooster-additions in Super.

As zoning and turtling has been nerfed all around in AE, things are easier for everybody else, especially grapplers. Rushdown characters becoming more popular will again benefit grapplers, making easier matchups more common.

Lastly, there’s surely a reason why Hawk-players have extreme win-streaks both in Japan and the US.
Hint: it’s not because they hunt on scrubs or people not knowing the matchup.