Wong AND Sirlin? Ouch!

It looks like everyone’s favorite Rufus and everyone’s favorite time-slower have been victimized by a crazy limerick writer.

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stop promoting your site

brutal. whats the matter with you

:rofl: Sirlin really said that time-stop bullshit? Rofl

I can just imagine him when he got fired shouting “ZA WARUDO”!!!

:u: lol

I think he is refering to how adrenaline can cause hightened senses, so everything can appear to slow down/take longer wheres as your movement is still fast. And then the adrenaline dump, where you become tense, tired and slow.

Ninja Edit: Tachypsychia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Victimized? Just looks like random trolling/hating to me.

Yeah, basically all the greatest people in sports history described this phenomena at one point or another, including Bobby Orr, Ted Williams, Michael Jordan, etc. etc.

Sirlin got that bullet time

haha, it’s not THAT brutal.

hey, you forgot yourself: one of the greatest minds of our time!!

Wow, this was a waste of my time.