Wong, hand me the remote. - Dr. Strange Video Thread



I think it’s about time we had one of these. any tournament footage or technology is welcome here.


Not Tourney or Tech, but Max did put up a video a while back showing how Strange works in Combat. Just some basic stuff, but the combos, the use of The Eye and his mix-ups should be remembered IMO.



Some tournament footage of MastaCJ vs ChrisG, finals of the weekly tournament they have. CJ makes some execution mistakes, but at the very least it’ll give you an example of what Strange is capable of.



Not sure if this link will work, posting from my iPad but RogueYoshi’s swag has to be highlighted here.



Two vids from Vidness, he’s got some style with Dr. Doom projectile assist.


Oh wow, posted before I even came here! Here’s the third one:



came up with a simple bnb since I was having a bit of trouble timing the impact palm relaunch in the middle of a match. Working on the quality :confused:


another couple reminders in there to hit confirm before using your launcher, the panic button for a blocked string that ends with an impact palm should be M Sword, so it’s better to end with that…and if you do wiff or have a launcher blocked, that might be worth X-factoring to save strange against a good rushdown guy.

i remember playing the pony tail guy at chinatown fair in a SF4 tournament a year or so back, which one is he, Masta CJ?


Na thats Chris G, and whats M Sword’s recovery on block? It seems like it has hefty recovery time


-16, if you don’t push them far enough they can punish you


aka never use it in the corner.

Ryan Hunter’s Dr. Strange in action:


Dat Modok :eek:

Oh and doesn’t Alzarath combo do more damage and build more meter then the one Ryan was using??


yeah but in most situations it’s probably easier to confirm into Ryan’s combo. that’s the B&B I’m using now actually, and I’ll keep using it until I can integrate Alzarath’s jump loop setup.


Im liking RougeYoshi B&B loop combo a lot more.


I got a match up on the stream at around the 55:00 mark, first match is much closer than the second one, but the big thing I want people to take out is that Dr. Strange does a whole lot of damage, you just gotta be patient for the hit. Stylin on Zero with a 95% combo on stream is a win in my book.



SO STEALING THAT SETUP. hyyyyyppeeeeeee

THAT’S what our Strange should look like, you guys. and Ryan wasn’t even doing the optimal combos and cancelling blocked normals into Mystic Sword lol.


Just having fun…



I really wanted to do a launch, IP xx TP xx level 3 for each level 3 in the vid, but that timing’s so hard, so I admit I woosed out. Kinda irks me that all orbs that are out get sucked up by his level 3. I do dig that he can cancel his TP with a special. I’ve been trying to TP into a beam and cancel it into his level 3/rings, but that timing is super hard. Only got the level 3 off once inside a beam, but it’s really cool when you do :slight_smile:


This seriously needs a sticky already. And that Ryan Hunter play is so refreshing. You are correct sir, that seems the best way to play him


Yeah that’s really smart of Ryan to place red orbs around the screen early in the fight so you can get multiple left/rights after sending the faltine through the graces. At that point you literally can just teleport around or just sit there and scare them to hold forward to block and get a combo.