Wonky hurtboxes for certain normals


It seems like hurtboxes aren’t standardized across a character’s normals. The above video demonstrates a combo that works when hitting Ken normally (standing or crouching), and when counterhitting him out of his cr.lk, that suddenly breaks when counterhitting his cr.lp.

I tested the entire cast’s cr.lp, and got a list of offending characters - Ryu, Ken, R.Mika, Necalli, Laura, and Birdie. R.Mika is especially egregious because both her cr.lk and cr.lp have the wonky hurtbox. It’s possible other normals have the same type of wonky hurtbox, but I’m too lazy to go through and check the game’s full movelist. Caveats: I only tested this in training mode, so it is possible this is a training mode wake-up action only bug. I only tested this using a meaty setup, so it’s possible that this is a counterhit hurtbox only issue, but that seems unlikely.

Ryu’s st.mp, cr.hp isn’t the only combo that breaks. after a ch cr.lp, st.mp, his cr.mk fails to connect as well. It seems to be the affected cr.lps have a hitstun animation with more pushback than the ‘default’ hitstun animation. Haven’t rigorously tested to get a list of combos that break, so maybe it just screws over Ryu.

I definitely consider this a bug and would like it fixed. Apologies if it’s old news.

This breathtaking perspicacity… this endless sagacity…

I have not seen this reported anywhere else, seems fucked up?

Why is Ken standing on wakeup instead of crouching like with low short?

Does a low jab always result in a standing character on counter-hit?

In the game in general I have noticed different hitstun animations based on the timing/spacing of the hit.
For instance Nash’s standing forward. If you do it so you hit them with the toe, they kind of half spin a bit, if you hit them closer they have a different reaction.

Possibly related.

Good catch. That seems to be a Ken cr.lp specific quirk. It is a standing hurtbox and not a visual glitch - Ryu can combo tatsu.

I imagine there are a lot of things like that in the game and I don’t think they’re necessarily bugs.
It seems like part of the balance in limiting what’s possible for different situations (standing, crouching, counter or not) so there are more specific uses for things across the board.

I could be entirely wrong but just based on what you posted and the video, and my own experiences, I get this impression.

I would like to avoid this type of inconsistencies too.

if it were just the regular standing hurtbox i wouldn’t complain that much - it’d be a weird quirk but maybe something intended to make cr.lp mash a weaker option. it’s the fact that it’s a hurtbox that breaks combos that distresses me - there’s no way to confirm if i counterhit a cr.lp or a cr.lk or a throw tech so you can’t optimize your combo. I guess at the end of the day it can be treated like a character specific combo/hurtbox issue - but I find it very frustrating because the combo can work. I also got the impression that Capcom was trying to avoid having character specific combos to make the game more approachable , but maybe I’m mistaken.