Wont you be my neighbor (todo customs)



I want to start using todo seriously in A groove but the namonaki custom is kind of akward for me, well actually only the end part of it. (C.Fp, QCF+LP, far S.FP, QCF+LP)x3

anyway I was hoping someone could help me out with an easier CC but almost just as damaging as the namonaki custom, 9700…

Maybe like 9400-9500 or something like that, the tragic custom is weird also, because after a certain amount of reps of the
FAR S.FP, QCF+LPxN Todo starts getting to close to the opponent
and doing close s.fp’s instead…

Is it true that if you get too many hits in his custom that ending it with a normal (non CC combo) command grab, mp, QCF+Lp does less damage than his super.:confused:

Your help will be much appreciated…:slight_smile:


The namonaki update (to be done when school calms down… with new goodies!) will have Todo’s CC as this:

special grab, [s.fierce, c.fierce]x3, then
[s.fierce, jab wave]x8 (doesn’t matter if the fierces are close or far), c.fierce, super

10120 or something like that, worthy of being called a B&B (TOO EASY).

And it is always more damaging to end it with a super, but in the corner you only get 3 hits of it. The super only does 960 points of damage, so it’s better to do grab into some sort of combo. You get less damage, but you build meter.


“Did you ever know that your my hero”

Thanks Gunter I’ll try that one out…:wink: :smiley:
(sniffs…sheds a tear of joy…:frowning: :slight_smile: )

This one will probally be too easy for words, its the next best thing since I cant paint the fence, at least not on stick…:lol:

Always coming through in my time of need, it makes me want to buy you an ice cream cone or something…

Anyway thanks again, I appreciate it…:slight_smile:


Oh Yeah…

Does anyone know where I can get a video of todo doing his corner tiger knee air projectile custom (Extacy Crunch?? Sorry I dont remember the Japanese name for it)

Is this custom only good for guard break, and do you use LP’s or FP’s, I find FP’s easier for me to perform on a constant bases…

I’ve seen one before, but I dont recall where I saw it…


Oh, I forgot… you activate AFTER the special grab… then just zip through the whole custom as fast as you can…


The custom I did the most was:

HCB+P, CC, HPx2, c.HPx2, HP -> QCF+LP xN -> finisher

This combo starter does slightly more damage with a much greater chance to whiff. You can also use HPx5 or 6, which does something like 150 more damage. Still not worth the chance of whiffing. I highly recommend the variation Gunter suggested.

Depending on where Todo is on screen, the finisher I use is diff. If in corner, I finish with grab -> combo. If midscreen, c.HK -> QCF,QCF+P (looks cool), or f+MK -> QCF,QCF+P (also looks cool, and moves you a bit closer to corner where the opponent will end up).

You also build up more stun on the opponents meter by doing the grab at the end. May or may not be worth it depending on how much you’ve hit them before the custom.

Against fatter chars (including Blanka), you can do grab (to finish custom), QCF+LP, MP -> QCF+LP, MP. This does 800 damage, and +44 stun. Against normal width chars, QCF+LP, MP -> QCF+LP does +33 stun.

What this means is, if you know how much stun you have inflicted before the custom, you can go for the easy dizzy. A typical grab -> QCF+LP, link low MK or stand MP will do 30-32 stun respectively. In many cases, opponents freeze up against the wave pressure when cornered, so it’s not uncommon to hop in after a low MK, or stand MP (which finishes the grab combo), and re-grab.

Using the grab at the end of the combo can be especially good against “lightweights” with only 60 stun points.

Anyway, it’s really up to you. 960 damage + no stun, or 700-800 (depending on width) +33-44 additional stun.

There are also other points to think about. Can your opponent wake-up with a DP (or do they have a super ready). If not, then finishing with the super, then tigerkneeing a wave (+300 guard damage and the advantage) can be an especially good choice.


Thanks Tragic

I guess building meter if you were in the corner at the end of the custom might be the better choice in some instances.

If I do start the custom semi close to the corner I just do
Grab, CC, [S.FP, C.FP]x3, S.FP, QCF+LPxN…

If I end it with a super I usually get about 9200+,
but if I end it with a grab, then I walk in slightly and do c.lp, c.mp, qcf+lp…

This gets me about 8500-8600 in the long run…

So Tragic, when you said “the custom I did the most”, where you speaking about todo in a past tense?

Meaning you no longer play todo :frowning:

Where you the one who busted out with the tiger knee extacy crunch custom?

If anyone can help me stratigicaly with todo, you can…

What kind of tricks should I use with todo, cause all I hear about todo is how great he is with the run option…

But all I play is A-groove, I guess thats bad for me if I ever play
daigo…:lol: (not gonna happen unless I train till my hands become semi handicaped, and save up enough for a trip to japan, to be raped :lol: )


Thanks Tragic

I meant, when I played competively. I just started playing again, now I use the [HP-c.HP]x3 -> QCF+LP…, or c.HPx3,HP-c.HPx2 -> QCF+LP…

Well, I used it… if that’s what you mean. I’m not sure if I saw it in a vid first or if I made it up in practice mode. Either way, I did (and still do) use it in when possible.

Forget run. Todo with hop and no lowjump is better IMO.

First of all, you can tigerknee waves faster in a non-lowjump groove. Try it out in A, then try it in N. Definitely slower. This is because when you do d,d/f,f,u/f you are superjumping before the tigerknee comes out… it takes an extra frame or two… and it’s highly noticable.

While run is ok, Todo with hop has more options. There are a lot of crossup options he can do vs wakeup.

Off command grab -> sweep (or sweep up close at any other time), Todo can hop over, then re-hop back over the other way. This almost always guarantees a c.MK -> Super or grab. Usually just a late jump over (one time) can give you a free low MK -> Super or grab. It’s useful for getting out of the corner also (if you end up getting backed in).

Off a kick throw, you can hop 3x and end up on other side of opponent.

Off f+MK (medium range, not max range), you can hop 2x and end up on the other side.

After a L1 counter you can hop 1x to get to the other side (95% of the time when I L1 counter followed by hop, I get a low MK -> Super).

With run you can use dash c.LP games and mix up with RC. With hop you just low P, RC grab (for the kara properties), and repeat. Not as offensive as run, but the hop options more than make up for anything run gives him IMO.