Wood Ball Top?


I am looking for a wooden ball top for a sanwa stick. is there anyone out there who makes these or has created a wood thread adapter?


hmm i remember people talking about this before,

the closest thing that people have found were wooden gear shift knobs or wooden balls

if you want to make a custom knob, you could in theory drill a hole into a wooden ball and have a 30mm thread adapter and use that for your stick


Kaytrim used to make some to match his customs, but its been awhile since ive seen him post.


Kaytrim used to make some wooden balltops some time ago, but he has now left the fighting games scene.


There was a case builder that made wooden ball tops but I haven seen him here in quite a while. Search the Old custom stick thread and I’m sure you can find some examples of his work.

Now I feel bad I cant remember his name :frowning:


You could make one on a lathe. Not sure what the right varnish/finish would be though.