Wood paint and finishes for joystick casing

Hello all,

i recently completed my simple casing and am going to start putting color on it (white)

Is acrylic paint a good choice ? It is water-based btw.

After painting on it what should i use to make it glossy ? Will lacquer work on paint ?

Have you visited slagcoin’s site. I think you’ll find a lot of information there already. Chapter 12 specifically deals with finishes and decorating.


You should prime your case first with spray primer and sand between coats with 400grit sandpaper. After the third coat, get a can of glossy white spraypaint. I recommend Krylon as it dries pretty quick. Spray in light coats and sand any imperfections with 400grit between coats after an hour or so. Painting should require 3-6 coats. Once it looks perfect, spray it with a clear coat to protect it. I recommend Krylon Acrylic Crystal Clear.